Treveri Cellars sparkling wine.
Photo by Lara Dunning

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Washington’s Yakima Valley is known for its wine country that wine critics have compared to the growing regions of France. With over 120 wineries and five AVA’s there are plenty of ways to day trip around the Valley and explore its tasting rooms and vineyards.

On a recent trip to Eastern Washington, I was honored to be a sparkling wine enthusiast at Treveri Cellars Premium Tour & Tasting, followed by a wine tasting at neighboring Owen Roe Winery. To wrap up my day, I took the advice of a local and visited Yakima’s newest restaurant Crafted.

Treveri Cellars makes sparkling wines.
Treveri Cellars focuses solely on sparkling wines. Photo by Lara Dunning

Yakima Valley Premium Tour with Treveri Cellars

Treveri Cellars is a unique winery in Washington for it focuses solely on sparking wine. On their Premium Tour and Tasting, you get to become a winemaker for the day and learn about the sparkling wine process, tour the facility, make your own bottle to take home and have a private wine tasting with the winemakers.

The day started with a glass of sparkling wine on the patio where I enjoyed the view of snow capped Mt. Adams. Once everyone arrived, we moved inside to meet father and son winemakers, Juergen and Christian Grieb.

View from Treveri Cellars with Mt. Adams in the distance.
The stellar view from manicured grounds at Treveri Cellars includes Mt. Adams in the distance. Photo by Lara Dunning

Born and raised in Germany, which produces more sparkling wines than the Champagne region of France, Juergen developed a serious passion for sparkling wine. He studied under two of Germany’s most decorated winemakers, and after earning his degrees and apprenticing, he came to Washington State to work in the wine industry. In 2010, his family opened Treveri Cellars in the Yakima Valley, and they now produce 15,000 cases a year.

Making a bottle of sparkling wine at Treveri Cellars.
At the beginning of the tour, each participant signs the bottom of their bottle. Photo credit: Lara Dunning

Treveri Cellars Tour Highlights

There are many highlights to the tour, and getting to make your own bottle of sparkling wine is a top runner, as it shows you an integral part of the wine making process.

Treveri Cellars winemaking process.
On the tour, you can watch the bottles through every step of the process. Photo by Lara Dunning

Each participant is given a bottle of wine that has already gone through the riddling. After it’s signed, the bottle is turned upside down to collect the yeast and set inside a very cold freezer. Afterward, it is placed on the line to go through the disgorger machine that removes the cap and yeast, adds the sweetener and inserts the cork.

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