Where Have all the Vampires Gone? #KissoftheDamned

Really, where have all the vampires gone? You know what I mean. The the real vampires. The kind that drink human blood.

Vampire movies have really been sucky lately. The last Twilight I saw was a real disappointment and that book had been my favorite out of the entire series. Did anyone else notice that the scenes were full of the actors posing? Is that what vampires do? Stand around all day and try to find the best poses?

I want a vampire movie that has real vampires. Like a mix of True Blood and all the Anne Rice vampire series, but on the big screen.

This might just happen in the new movie Kiss of the Damned. From the get go this movie has two things I dig in it. Blood thirsty vampires and Milo Ventimiglia. The trailer and the poster reminds me a little bit of The Hunger. Anyone remember that movie with Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie?

I know I’m probably late in the game but I just realized you can watch this movie before it comes out in the theater  I’m thinking this weekend I’ll take a big, bloody bite out of that.


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  1. I haven’t gotten in to any vampire movies since The Lost Boys. I loved that movie. No posing there! LOL. Thanks for the post, Lara. 🙂

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