Sundays and Downton Abbey #downtonabbey #amwriting


Mt. Baker, view from our back porch.


The weather gods have blasted away the rain and grey clouds that have hovered over us for the past several days. The air is crisp and the sun warms my cheeks. But, not for long. I’ve got writing to do and blog posts to catch up on. After a few snapshots I’ll go back to sitting on the chair in front of my writing desk. I don’t mind, just seeing that bit of springlike weather and budding flowers is enough to give me a much-needed boost.


Flowers near the front door.

Highclere Castle
Highclere Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Downton Abbey

On top of the sunny rays filtering through my windows, today is Sunday, my favorite day of the week.  Why?  Two words. Downton Abbey.  Yes, I will freely admit to anyone I’m a Downtonite. I was so revealed last week when Matthew Crawley finally came to his senses and used his inheritance to save Downton. I admired his sense of right and wrong, but come on!

This past week there was a  really cool show on PBS about Highclere Castle. Most interesting fact: A previous Earl, George Herbert, discovered Tutankhamen’s grave, along with his colleague Howard Carter. Which, by the way, we just  saw King Tut’s tomb at the Seattle Science Center in October. Most impressive item: the larger than life statue of King Tut. I swear he was looking right at me!

Got off track, back to Downton. This whole thing with Bates is throwing me off. It just seems like the odds are against him and Anna. I can’t wait to see what O’Brien has in store for Thomas. Strange how they refer to O’Brien by her last name, but Thomas by his first. Violet Crawley is one of my favorite characters. The stuff she says just cracks up and she’s always full of surprises. She’s a grandma you want on your side!

Today, I type and relax. Tonight, I gladly push in my keyboard, get up from my chair, eat tacos, drink some wine and find out what is happening next in the lives on Downton Abbey.

Why do you think Thomas is refereed to by his first name, instead of his last? If you’re a Downtonite whose your favorite character?

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