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Golden Nuggets

Words I Was Meant to Hear

It’s that time of year again for sharp pencils, pens and paper. Graduate students can’t live without these necessities as we jot down those important nuggets. I just got back from 10 days in Coupeville, Wa for my MFA Creative Writing residency where each semester we kick off the school year with intensive days of classes and workshops. In essence, it feels like a very personalized conference because of the small size.

First Day Golden Nuggets

Kate Gale

If you want to write, then write and intend to do it well.

Read out loud to understand rhythm of the words and if they flow.

“Writers see the world twice” – Once when we experience it, twice when we write about it

Set down your work, let it simmer, then review it, because “a week ago someone else wrote it”


Bharti Kirchner

“Fiction is moment by moment”

“Fiction is longing”

“Fiction people read to feel something”

“Non-fiction people read to learn something”

“Scene is an action that changes a characters life”


Elizabeth George

“Have no expectations” of the writers life, this will help you focus on the work itself,

“Work writing like a job”

I was also blown away by the preliminary steps Elizabeth takes before even starting her writing process. She researches, then does character development, then creates a step outline and then a running plot outline.


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  1. Sounds like you had great teachers, Lara. Thanks for sharing the nuggets with us.

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