Fidalgo Island Writers Guild Celebrating Young Writers #FIWG #yasaves


I know my posts have been far and few this spring, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Along with classes, work and writing, our writers guild had its 

1st Annual Young Writers Contest.

Fidalgo Island Writers Guild Celebrates Young Writers

     A sunny Spring day made this occasion all the brighter. The celebration and ceremony of awards for the nearly 100 young writers that entered FIWG for Literacy’s 1st Annual Young Writers Contest turned into an inspiring event. The joy, smiles, laughter, anticipation, excitement and the love of writing beat in perfect rhythm on Saturday April 14th at The Heart of Anacortes.

Read more about the contest in article in A Long Long Friend written by Ronda Rae Franklin.

     From essays to color-crayon drawings to poetry, the compilation book, A Long Lost Friend , is full of color and full of heart. Each entrant receives a free book. The 135-page compilation book will also be available for $35. It is a high-quality, color, perfect bound book that also includes photographs of the students and a Foreword by Ronda Rae Franklin.

     The proceeds return to the guild’s literacy programs in Anacortes. Books can be purchased via the FIWG for Literacy Facebook page. Use the Shopping Cart entitled “YWC Book”.

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  1. Ah, jealous! Wish I could address young writers like this too someday 😉

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      It was so cool at the awards ceremony this kid got up there and said. “I love writing, I write every day.” Totally rockin’!

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