The Juggling Act … Oops I Almost Dropped That…There Goes My Zen

Painting of a lady juggling balls in the air.
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The Juggling Act … Oops I Almost Dropped That…There Goes My Zen

     Up goes the apple, catch it. Up goes the orange, catch it. Switch hands, get ready for the next flying object. Yes folks I am juggling and so far I haven’t really dropped anything. Pause, knock on wood. Although I wanted to drop, no smash, my netbook when it decided it wasn’t going to cooperate with my new acrobatic lifestyle this weekend. I mean, come on, why wouldn’t it want to be down at the Seattle Boat Show Facebooking and Twittering away for the Waggoner Guide? How fun and hip. Get with the program Netbook.

     Last week started my first week of MFA classes, serious gear up of Fidalgo Island Writers Guild, both my “day” jobs (which really means any time day or night), working on the Love at the Library event which happens in two weeks and editing of my vampire novel – which I’m totally diggin’ by the way. I’m hoping eventually I’ll have the Zen looking face like the lady in the picture. Doesn’t she look focused and calm – like she can handle anything.

     While I’m aiming for that I have three days to accomplish my “to do” list and then I’m back to the Boat Show for the weekend. Then next week its the Vancouver Boat Show and the Love at the Library fundraiser along with everything else. When the waves have subsided I think I need to consider writing a juggler into the cast of my Circus Saga. Ha!

Keep on Writing!


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  1. I feel your pain! But, I know you can do it. You have the perfect “can do” attitude that will make you successful. Bests, Susan.

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