Why Not Make Day of the Dead an Offical U.S. Holiday?

By Lara Dunning

 Day of the Dead

     The air was warm, the bus ride long and the road windy as a couple of friends and I made our way up to the Silver City, Taxco. After the bus finally stopped moving we refreshed ourselves with the BEST sangria’s I’ve ever had. Yellows, pinks and reds swirled together as we sipped the bartenders creation and enjoyed the view from the second story looking out into the cobblestone plaza.

     Thankfully, we seemed to be the only tourists around and the town was full of shops waiting to be discovered. I was drawn into to a shop with beautiful, colorful masks. They were everywhere, on the walls, the ceilings, the floors and spread across tables. The owner informed me that most of them had been worn at festivals throughout the year. A small Day of the Dead skull, worn by a child, with greenish-blue feathers and blood-red paint called to me. I knew in an instant that would be my treasured purchase from the trip. 

     I think out of all the celebrations the United States could make an Official Holiday “Day of the Dead” needs to be the next one. I understand its more of a Central American holiday, but really we are a melting pot and the message of the celebration goes beyond ethnicity. It honors family, cherishes memories and gives you a day to remember loved ones that have passed on and will one day be reunited with. I can’t think of a better use of a day off.


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  1. I enjoyed your post, Lara. I agree, we Americans tend to fear death, which is a natural part of our life cycle. I, too, believe in being reunited with loved ones, and celebrating this belief is a nice idea.

  2. trauma2art says:

    Hey Laura!

    I absolutely agree. I hosted an event for my organization with that same sentiment just last night. Many cultures celebrate the holiday. Some believe celebrating is a great way to let the dead know they are remembered and cared for and our observance will bring us increased success and happiness!

    Great post!

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      Checked out your blog. What a great event to have. Those lost to us are an important part of who we are. I was not aware of the Chiense beliefs, so that you for expanding my world even more.

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