Wayback Wednesday Writing Photo Prompt ~ The Clock ~ #WW #fridayflash #myWANA #fbwriter

Wayback Wednesday Photo Writing Prompt

Write a story, write a drabble, write a poem, write anything. If this inspires you drop me a link to your post in the comments, or send it to me on Twitter.

Via Flickr by jeMie

The Clock

     From the moment Amanda saw the clock, she knew it was magical. Her small fingers poked and prodded every detail, but nothing ever happened. One night she heard her Grandpa walking down the hallway. She tip-toed behind him and stopped near the top of the stairs. At first he wandered around the room, fixing his robe and running his hands through his hair. Then he stood in front of the clock, opened the glass face and pressed the center of the hand dials. Amanda moved one step downward. When her foot landed on the stair it creaked, she winced. When she looked back up her Grandpa had spotted her. Seconds later he was gone.

     Amanda tried to wait for her Grandpa to return, but ended up falling asleep on the stairs. It was light out when she felt a nudge on her shoulder. Opening her eyes, she was momentarily disoriented. When she saw her Grandpa staring down at her she remembered what she had seen.

            “Grandpa, where did you go?”

            Grandpa held his hand out to her. “Home.”

            “Home? But this is your home.” She slipped her tiny hand into his.

            Grandpa winked. “Tonight, I’ll show you, your home too.”

            Amanda glanced around the house. “But, this is my home.”

            Together they walked up the stairs toward Amanda’s room.

            Grandpa put his arm around her tiny shoulders. “You’re right, this is your home, but it’s not where you come from.”

            Amanda’s eyes grew wide. “Really?”


            Amanda jumped into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She smiled from ear to ear.

            “I can’t wait till tonight.”

            Grandpa kissed her forehead. “Try to sleep.”

            “I’m too excited to sleep.”

            Grandpa touched his index finger to the tip of her nose. A puff of golden dust surrounded her head. “Try anyway.”

            Amanda became drowsy. “I will.”

            “Good girl.” Grandpa walked out of the room and closed the door.

            Seconds later Amanda’s head landed on her pillow and she fell asleep.

Find out what happens next! Clocks Part 2 #fridayflash (laradunning.wordpress.com)


9 Comments Add yours

  1. What a lovely story. I wonder where he’ll take her?

  2. Helen says:

    Something went wrong my comment. Anyway trying again. That was really a lovely story and now I am wondering where he is going to take her.

  3. Hi there Lara — Intriguing clock and mysterious grandpa. Even more intriguing, those unspoken origins. St.

  4. This is lovely and makes us want for more.

    Good job as always 🙂

  5. Chuck Allen says:

    A magical tale for sure. I really like the ending. It leaves Amanda dreaming of what will come, as it does the reader.

  6. Aidan Fritz says:

    Magical, I have a sense of otherworldliness around this, something that will lead her to her legacy.

  7. Steve Green says:

    A lovely story Lara, and of course this is only the beginning of it, yes? 🙂

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      Yes, wrote the second part this weekend, but this morning thought of even a better way to take it. Now I just need to write it.

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