Vistaprint Business Cards

Brand Your Name, Drop Your Card

     This August I came prepared to the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference with my own business cards from VistaPrint to hand out. You can get 250 business cards free from Vistaprint (you pay for shipping), or upgrade to larger amounts if you so desire. Last year, I had my work business cards and it felt a little odd giving those out. 

     I found out about this through my friend who has just started up her own business called Dandi Dogg. Which by the way her dog shampoo rocks! and she is giving out free samples.     

     So I decided to see what they had to offer as I needed my own cards to hand out at the conference this year. They will also come in handy when Ronda Franklin and I attend functions to talk about Fidalgo Island Writers Guild.

     Here’s what I chose. Yes, I blocked out my email and my phone number, that is not a trick of the eye.

     There are quite a few designs to choose from and you can download your own pictures as well. Thought this info about Vistaprint might be useful and wanted to pass it along.


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  1. clarbojahn says:

    Thank You, Lara. I had come across this site also in my roaming but thought you had to buy other stuff as well. good to know it’s not so.

    will check it out next time I need cards. Hopefully when “Annie’s” published.

    by the way, what is, “Fidalgo Island Writer’s guild”?

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      They do try to sell you more stuff, but you just ignore those pages and say you want to checkout. Fidalgo Island Writers Guild is the group a friend of mine and I started this year. We have 46 members now! It’s amazing. I thought I was the only writer in this town. LOL. Wishing you the best on Annie!

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