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It’s Summer, Avoid the Sunshine, Get To Blogging and Joing the Spiderweb

     Finding time to blog in the summer has been difficult. When the sun comes out in the Pacific Northwest we all want to be outside as we know the dreary, grey winter is just around the corner. So when faced with choosing my WIP over blogging, my WIP wins. But, I have noticed that my lack of blogging = lack of traffic/readers. So, I need to kick myself into gear not just with my blogging, but my over all social media presence.

     The last time Fidalgo Island Writers Guild met a handful of us were there and one of the topics was blogging. One member was talking about content over quantity (ex. a once a month blogger, rather than 3 times a week blogger). I think for a published traditional author, that scenario might work. Although I don’t know how publishing regular posts would really hinder you as an author.

    For unpublished writers trying to get our names out there the social media expert formula of at least 3 times a week works in your favor. Honestly, I don’t need them to convince me, I see the proof in my stats. I like to think of the internet as a giant spiderweb. Each time you post, you become another strand of that web and then someone connects to your strand and so on and so on. Same goes for indie authors that are usually the sole source of their social media presence. Their regular self promotion = web presence which = potential readers and book sales.

     To pump up my lack of posts I dedicated one Saturday this month to writing as many posts as I could. Sure, Vella was there screaming at me. Now that Jeremy has been kidnapped by the vampire Queen I don’t blame her. But, you know what, she’ll just have to wait.  

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  1. Since I have actually done an entire summer guest series to keep my blog moving along and still have the extra writing time I wanted … I can relate.

    I might change my blog schedule when my guest series ends, but for now my readers and I are enjoying the variety of people and posts … like your’s Lara 🙂

    I’ll save all those great links also. Keep the faith with us #amwriting #amblogging.

  2. Leslie Rose says:

    I can see the result of booming new followers in some new blogs where the author posts several times a week. I’m a once a week poster, but I am hoping to step that up in the next few months. I keep hearing that magic number of 3.

  3. Chuck Allen says:

    Jeremy has been captured by the vampire Queen? Now you’re just teasing us with info! 🙂

    I struggle with posting regularly as well but agree that the value is there. Lately I’ve had trouble making time for Twitter as well and am working to improve that. Summer is a challenge because of vacations, weather, etc, but fall is also a challenge because my kids start back to school. Jan is a busy time at work. So basically, I think I’m just making excuses and need to get it done. 🙂

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      Gettting on Twitter has been uber hard this summer. I have my phone and randomly put live tweets on there, but I feel like my time to really connect is spread to thin. I’m hoping that after the writers conference this week things will calm down for me. Glad to hear you struggle too. Let’s encourage each other to keep it up. It’d be great to have you in my corner pushing me a little. 🙂

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