#fridayflash Badges are Here!

Attention #fridayflash Writers and Readers!

     I wanted to thank the staff at FFDO (Friday Flash Dot Com) for all the work they put into for the new badges. Check them out at Fresh Features. For the past few months I’ve been wanting a spritzed up #fridayflash badge to post on my blog. Without even knowing that this was in the works, my mind must have been on the same wavelength as everyone else. Great minds truly think a like. I’m proud to promote FFDO, my fellow writers and our writing.

Keep it up! We appreciate everything that you do!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. That is too cool, Lara and it captures what you do with your flash fiction 🙂

    You know I love it and want you to start sending to short story and flash fiction mags.

    Go for the gold, girl !

  2. Thanks, Lara. Angie (techtigger) worked those up and did a great job of it. I think they look quite spiffy.

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