Hazy Summer Days, New Stories and First Drafts

Independence Day?
Image by MrUllmi via Flickr

Hazy Summer Days

Is it really July already? I started the first week of June off fairly well, but as the days kept coming the “to do” lists kept piling up and writing, especially my blog, got pushed aside.

July is here, so I started the first week off with a good ol’ Fourth of July bang and actually got up when my alarm clock went off this morning. I spent the first half hour or so reviewing my last chapters, then I began writing a new one. 957 words later I decided to stop and tomorrow I’ll be ready to write the next action scene.


New Stories

For months now I’ve had a character I’ve wanted to write about. I knew him, but didn’t know his story. This weekend I was inspired by a dream and now have the basic gist of where his journey will take him. I’m so excited as I finally have the main conflict and two other characters who will help move the story forward.

First Drafts

My cousin is climbing Mt. Rainer this week. Which I think is really cool. Her first day was charmed with fabulous weather. I wish her three more days and the rest of Western Washington many more this summer, as the wet and cold is getting to us all. Her courage has inspired me in to get back on track and get Vella’s story written. The PNWA’s Writers Conference is at the beginning of August and I’d like to have the first draft written by then. I’m almost there. The count down is officially on with 25000 more words to go (900 words a day).

Have a wonderful summer and happy writing!

Pen Image Via Flickr by _StaR_DusT


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Happy writing, sounds like you’re off to a good start! ^_^

  2. Lara, you have the talent and the determinatin and I know you will do that with no problem.

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