Birthday Weekend

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Birthdays Weekends

My birthday is on Sunday, a weekend day. Which means I get to celebrate my birthday all weekend long! That’s right folks I’m stretching this sucker out. My birthday weekend will start with drinks with friends on Friday, dinner at a Moroccan restaurant with my family on Saturday and on Sunday a fancy breakfast and dinner outside on the patio. The little devil that rests on my shoulder is shouting with glee right now because it also means I can say “I need quiet time to write” without feeling guilty about it.

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday for Sunday!

  2. Have a great Birthday Weekend and enjoy every hour of it with your friends and family 🙂

  3. How wonderful! Hope the coming year is your best yet! Happy Birthday, and let us hear about all your celebrations!

  4. Have a great birthday my fellow cancer, my birthday is on Saturday, so I too get to have a birthday weekend! However my kids are planning to take me to see Kung Fu Panda 2, so our celebrations sound very different. I will be using the, its my birthday and I will write if I want to, excuse on Sunday though.

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      Yes, birthday wishes are in order for you! Have a great time and detinately use Sunday for some writing! 🙂

  5. clarbojahn says:

    Have a Happy, Happy Birthday, Lana. Enjoy the writing and the celebrations. Best of both worlds.

  6. Leslie Rose says:

    Happy Birthday, Lara! Mine is on Sunday too. I’m taking a page from your book and starting the party right now. Three words for you…ice cream cake. Cheers.

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