Vampire Trackers in the Land of Never Written #fridayflash #tuesdayserial #flashfiction

Image by Cade Buchanan via Flickr

Vampire Trackers in the Land of Never Written

     A sneeze woke me from my slumber. After gaining my senses back my eyes adjusted to the dimness in the room. Light filtered through the drapes casting a hazy, dreamlike quality into the room. A dark-haired girl stood in front of the patio doorway with her back to me. One pale hand held back the curtain slightly.

“Who are you?” She turned around. My jaw dropped open. “Vella? What are you doing here?”

Her delicate eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t know, but I can’t seem to leave. Is this the Land of Never Written?”

“Land of Never Written…I’ve never heard of such a place.”

Vella slumped into my rocking chair. “Of course you haven’t. You’re the writer. I’m just a character.” She turned her head away from me, her pouty lips outlined in shadow. “You’ve forgotten about me.”

“I haven’t forgotten about you, I swear. In fact I think about you all the time.”

“Hmmmfff.” My character crossed her arms over her chest and stared me down. “I don’t believe you.”

“Vel, you’ve seen how chaotic my life has been the past couple of weeks. First I had that thing with my tooth which made me look like a gelfling, then I had to have surgery on it and my gums were full of stitches, then work got super busy, the kids arrived, we had the celebration on Bainbridge with the family and I had to prepare the handouts for the writer’s class.” I sneezed. “Not to mention I now have a cold. But, even through all that I’m constantly thinking about you and your story. You understand, don’t you?”

Like a young school girl she shuffled her feet together. “I guess. What about all of the people asking about me? What about them?” She looked out the gap in the curtain; the corner of her lips downturned. “The only time I truly feel real is when they read my story.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t know, you’re the writer. I’m only real in your head.” She pressed her chest out and held her neck high. “But once you’ve put the words down and someone reads them, I take on a life of my own.”

“I see.”

Vella turned to face me, her eyes fierce. “Do you see? Jeremy told me you were thinking of not posting Vampire Trackers anymore because you’re worried about some copyright stuff. Is that true?”

I pulled the covers close to shield me. “Well, yes. It’s been on my mind. I’d love to have your story be published someday and I don’t want any complications.”

She stood up, the chair rocked. “So that’s it for me then?”

“I haven’t decided quite yet. I just want to make the right decision Vel. This story is important to me, you’re important to me.”

Vella sat on the edge of the bed. Her dark hair cascaded past her shoulders. “Jeremy said you’d say that.”

Her anger seemed to dissipate at the mention of his name. A smile crept across my lips. “Did he?”

“Yep, Seth agreed with him. They said I was overreacting. That you have our best interests at heart.” She twirled a strand of her hair. “Seriously, I think that’s the first time they’ve ever agreed on anything. Usually I’m the level-headed one.” She chuckled.

Vella flopped on the bed next to me. She reached out and touched the top of my hand, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. “Please don’t leave us here for long. I can get over the whole not posting on the blog thing if I have to, but the Land of Never Written is no place for any of us to be.”

I turned my hand and squeezed hers. “I won’t. I promise.”


This was inspired by Icy Sedgwick. A great writer who has written herself into a few of her flash fiction stories.  Vampire Trackers #FridayFlash. 

Posting Your Writing, Will Someone Infringe On My Copyright?

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25 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Ah I agree the land of never written is no place for characters like Vella and Jer but maybe a novel is! Keep them safe, work on them and give them life in a complete book. Your readers, which I am one, will understand.

  2. Icy Sedgwick says:

    Aw poor Vella. I think we sometimes forget that our characters end up with minds of their own. Personally I’d love to see more Vampire Trackers but I can understand if you want to keep the story to yourself prior to publication. I’ll have to send Fowlis over to keep Vella company for a bit!

    1. laradunning says:

      Yes, I think she needs some company besides Seth and Jeremy. LOL.

    2. laradunning says:

      I’m torn. I’d love to post more, but I don’t want to regret it later. Thanks for all your kind words.

  3. henriettamaddox says:

    I bet Vella is happier now you’ve posted this. You’ve resuscitated her with this. Good thing she found the The Land of Never Written. I wonder what her journey was like. Hope she doesn’t have to do it again.

  4. John Wiswell says:

    Haha, for a bit I thought you were the one in the room. I wrote a series of encounters with my characters, too, over frustrations and writers block. Protecting your stories makes good sense.

    1. laradunning says:

      I think I ended at a good stopping point. Made some conclusions, but also left alot open for Vella and Jeremy to discover. The Land of Never Written was fun. I’m thinking I’ll do some more and interact with the other characters.

  5. Sonia Lal says:

    Land of Never Written isn’t a good place for any character – no wonder she is unhappy!

  6. ~Tim says:

    I used to write vignettes using the names Fred and Ginger. They were really mad at me when I stopped.

  7. I feel so lonely for poor Vella. If you have to stop the Flash Fiction Fridays, I’ll understand, but I’ll miss it anyway.

    Take your time and do what is “write” for you and them 🙂

    1. laradunning says:

      Like you play on words there 🙂

  8. clarbojahn says:

    I’ll miss them. will you keep p osting? Will you keep your blog?

    1. laradunning says:

      Oh yes I’ll definately keep my blog up and post. I’ve got a ton of stories in my head.

  9. donaldconrad says:

    Neat! I don’t see too many of these stories—author/character dialogues. Nicely done and thanks.

  10. Chuck Allen says:

    I loved this little dialogue between you and Vella. I’ll definitely miss the stories if you stop posting them, but I understand your thought process on this one. If you go the novel route, just hurry! 🙂

  11. AJ Brown says:

    I’ve never written myself into a story, but I’ve written about characters that I started stories with and stopped. There is more truth to this story than any of us may know. I often say that stories must live, must tell themselves and they use us as the vehicles to do so. However, when the vehicle isn’t working properly or at all, the characters are stuck in that place, as you put it, The Land of Never Written. I really enjoyed this…. now, get back to writing about Vella so she can live again.

    1. laradunning says:

      I’ve been feeling better so I acutally made some progress. Almost 4K yesterday and 901 words today. Yeah!

  12. Aidan Fritz says:

    I was going to say that this reminded me a little of Icy’s pieces. Great homage. I think Vella’s story will make a great novel, and I wish you the best of luck getting her out of the land of never written.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks Aidan. 🙂

  13. Hi there Lara — I like your land of Never Written. Real shame if you have to give up on serialising Vampire Tracker.

    I guess I’d say that statistically it’s still very unlikely that a story would be stolen, however, you should definitely do as conscience dictates. Personally, I find the fact that there’s a handful of plagiarist miscreants (and other naer-do-wells) out there, spoiling it so badly for the rest of humanity, an intense disappointment in our species.

    Who knows what things we’d be able to create — the lives we’d be able to lead — if it wasn’t for that sociopathic 0.0000001%.


    1. Lara Dunning says:

      Yeah. I’ve struggled with what to do. You’re right its always the minute amount of troublemakers that make it hard for the honest folks.

  14. Steve Green says:

    This post actually made me smile, the character peeking round the corner feeling all forlorn and forgotten about, it is a stand alone short story in itself.

    I’m sure Vella and Jeremy will see the sunshine again when the time is right. 🙂

    1. Lara Dunning says:

      Thanks Steve. I had a fun time with this story. Imagining Vella in my room and what she’d say to me.

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