Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress ~ Fidalgo Island Writer’s Guild Social Media Class

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 Twitter, Facebook, WordPress ~ Fidalgo Island Writer’s Guild Social Media Class

   This Tuesday I will be talking to our writer’s guild members about Social Media and Writing. Basically, I will share everything I have learned since I started my journey wth Goodreads, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and Scribeophile since last summer. A few tips have already been published on Suite 101.

     But, as many of you know the journey to understanding how social media can impact our lives as writers, either published or unpublished, traditional or self-published, is a continual learning process, as it is an entity in flux. I think one of the most important lessons a newbie can do, is glean from others what they have learned to do and what not to do.      Twitter

When folks ask me what three simple things they should do, the top things I tell them are:

  • Join Twitter
  • Use your author name
  • If you have a blog be sure to use your name in your tags (We can all thank Kristen Lamb for posting a wonderful blog with that tip! She has many more so please check her out.)

     I’m looking forward to Tuesday and grateful that the Anacortes Yacht Club has a presentation set up available. Verbal and visuals can go a long way in telling and showing. Thank goodness I completed 95% of the outline before my weekend in Bainbridge. I was too busy visiting with family, drinking champagne, eating good food, soaking up the sun (when it came out) and having great conversation to work on anything. Cheers to summer finally being here!

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  1. Each time I read one of my fellow blogger’s posts, I learn something new. Today it was Lamb’s suggestion to tag our own name on each post.

    How obvious and effective is that?

    Thanks once more, Lara. This was a very informative post and I saved several sites in my “favs” to go back and read and learn more.

    You are given credit for enhancing my interest in vampire novels in today’s Rambling’s post. I love the weekly chapters and always look forward to each time you post 🙂

    1. laradunning says:

      You are so kind! I will have to check that post out when I go home and have some veg time. When I read that on Kristen’s blog it was kind of like a “da” moment. So simple and effective. She has great tips.

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