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Vampire Tracker Part 10

   “The Queen killed Amisi and her entire family. Will she come after mine?”

            “If she knows you have been reborn she will do whatever she can to kill you and anyone you care about.”       

            Holy shit! “Uh, but I’m no one. I’m just a girl from Indiana going on a road trip with her best friend for the summer.”

            Seth’s lips curled into a smile. “You are much more than you think.”

   How can he be so sure? “ have you been waiting all this time?”

           Seth folded his arms across his chest, his arm muscles bulged. “I’m a vampire. All I have is time.”

            Jeremy voice cracked. “So, you’re really a vampire?”

            Seth flashed his white fangs. “What did you think I was?”

            Jeremy backed up in his seat. “Uh, some crazy guy living in a hole in the ground.”

            Seth’s puffed out his chest . “I am a First Born with pure blood. There are only a handful of us that can claim that birthright.”

            “Oh.” Jeremy scooted his chair closer to me. What did I say earlier, oh yeah, wuss.

            I set the cartouche in the center of the table. “So say I am this Amisi chic, what on earth am I supposed to do with this?”

            Seth’s brows became one straight line. “Omar said you would know what to do.”

            “Sorry to burst your bubble First Born, but I have no idea.”

            Concern riddled every inch of his face. “If you do not know then we must find the others.”

            Jeremy put his hand out. “Wait, wait, wait. Others?” He looked at me. “You’re not seriously going to listen to this guy, are you?”

            I gave him a sheepish look. “What choice do I have Jer?”

            “You have a choice, let’s leave here and forget about this guy. You’re not Amisi, your LaVella Hart.”


            “But what? What do you think is going to happen when we meet the others? They’re going to kill us.”

            I looked at Seth. “Well?”

            “That will not happen. We are the protectors. Each one of us knows a part of Omar’s vision. Only together can we piece it together.”

            I pointed to the cartouche. “I thought you said Omar wrote it all down on this thing.”

            A crease formed in the center of the First Born’s forehead. “He did, but I expected you to know or at least be in possession of the ankh ring. I see you do not wear it, which means I need to rethink my plan.”

            Oh yeah, the ring. “Do you mean the ankh ring Omar gave me in my vision?”

            His eyes widened. “Yes! Do you have it?”

            Something about it seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it. I shook my head no.       

            “Then we have no choice.” Seth glared at Jeremy.  “We must find the others.”

   “So say I believe this crock you’re telling Vel. How do we know the others aren’t the Queen’s spies?”

   “I would never do what you say. All these years I have kept my word to Omar.” His head motioned around the room. “I have lived in secrecy and waited for Amisi to return again”

   Jeremy scoffed. “Vampires with an honor code, yeah right.”

   Seth pounded his fist onto the table. “Do not mock me boy. The only thing a person has is their word. I keep mine.”

   I pressed Jeremy back into his chair. “Settle down Jer. So why aren’t you on the Queen’s side?”

            Seth’s nostrils flared, his jaw clenched. “The Queen is not what she once was. She has lost her honor.”

             “Why didn’t you and the others just kill her yourself?”

            “We cannot, only the Cleansed one can.”

            Cleansed? Wait, that’s what my name means. “Did you say Cleansed?”

            “Yes, and that LaVella is you. Your Grandfather gave you that name for a reason.”


This flash fiction is part of a vampire series for #FridayFlash. 

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Vampires ~ Flash Fiction ~ #FridayFlash #tuesdayserial


22 Comments Add yours

  1. Chuck Allen says:

    Yea! Another episode! I like the way this is going. The tie-in with her current name is very clever. Great job!

  2. sonia says:

    So her name has a secret meaning! So interesting!

    oh here: riddled ever
    I think you meant riddled every

    1. laradunning says:

      I have a facination with the meaning of names. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Aidan Fritz says:

        As my knowledge of foreign languages improves, I’m amazed at how many places and names have literal meanings that as an outside seem interesting and fantastic but we overlook the literalness that would be plain in their language.

      2. laradunning says:

        Yes I agree.

  3. dannigrrl says:

    Ooh…intriguing ending. Another nice episode.

    (a few spelling errors: “Seth puffed his chest out” “concern riddles every inch of his face” “you’re not seriously”)

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks so much for catching that!! Note to self: Drink green tea first, then review post. Not the other way around. LOL

  4. Steve Green says:

    The plot thickens and deepens.

    “I’m a vampire. All I have is time.” for some reason I can’t quite nail, this short sentence seemed to say so much.

  5. Helen says:

    Oh I wonder if she’ll suddenly find that ring? I’m liking Seth, I believe him, I do I do! I like the way this story is going, now what will the others have to say – you must tell me do you hear!

    Next episode please 🙂

    1. laradunning says:

      It will be interesting to see how the others play into all this. I quite haven’t figured it all out, but I know I will have a fun time doing it. The blasted ankh ring….where or where can it be?

  6. This really is shaping up nicley. I particularly like Jeremy because he’s reacting just the way I would in his shoes. (Don’t take me on a vampire-tracking road trip, okay?).

    1. laradunning says:

      Heehee. Jeremy is fun to write because of that. But, as the story moves on he will have to get on board.

  7. johnwiswell says:

    I think this could have functioned with even fewer dialogue tags if it were a pure flash fiction. As an excerpt from a bigger work, this probably will read more appropriately. I liked taking your Fantasy into primarily dialogue territory.

    1. laradunning says:

      I’ve started writing this into a larger piece the past week. So yes, the tags might seem a little more because of that. I read Ravenmarked by Amy Rose Davis and was really impressed with her use of dialogue.

  8. Aidan Fritz says:

    I like the hints that you drop about the ankh and the interplay between Vella & Jeremy. You capture his distrust and discomfort well.

  9. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I really think you have a novel in this!

    Enjoying seeing the strands come together.

    1. laradunning says:

      I think that is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts. I’ve started making this into my new wip.

  10. Lara, sorry I am so late this week. I love the new chapter and can feel the tension building up to a delicious peak 🙂

    You extensive research and your love of names shows in the work. I await the next chapter.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thank you. Researching names is one of the funniest things about creating a character.

  11. I’ve been reading this series yet have to admit I never find time to stop and comment as well, so here’s making up for that:
    Great installment, I love where you’re going with this, can’t wait to see if what I’m thinking of will happen 🙂

    1. laradunning says:

      I know how that goes, busy days turn into busy nights. Thanks for commenting and your encouragement!

  12. Blimey, it’s all hotting up now. Go Jeremy — hopefully he’ll make it out of that vault without getting eaten. It’s good you gave this instalment a little length, and expanded things. The plot’s now wide open. Intrigued to see what happens next.


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