My Delima, To Keep Reading or Not? #amreading

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My Delima, To Keep Reading or Not

     This doesn’t happen to me very often. The books I choose to read I usually like. Some more than others of course, but it’s a rarity for me not to like the book on some level. A couple of weeks ago I randomly picked a book from my stack of  ‘To Read’ books, which by the way keeps growing and growing. I was thrilled to pick up a book this time as my Kindle has seen alot of action lately. But, as the chapters went by I became less and less enthused.

     At the begining of the book the MC was in instant peril. As the story progressed the MC’s reasons for acting the way they did, did not make sense and I found it very unrealistic. I thought surely there will be some clue within the first few chapters to help explain the reaction, some tidbit of backstory, anything to make me understand this character better. Nothing. Frustrated I jammed my bookmark on Chapter 8 and closed the book.

     Presently, the book is sitting on my camel shaped bedside table waiting for me to finish it. The problem is I don’t know if I want to. Forcing yourself to read is no fun at all, it feels like work. On the other hand, I’m the kind of person that likes to read a book from begining to end. If I don’t it feels like I’m going against nature.

What would you do?


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  1. Heck no … life is too short and filled with too many wonderful books to read. Don’t like it … put it down. Maybe in a few months try again. If you don’t like the second time around … donate to Frieds of Library 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    I recently forced myself through a fantasy fiction. I love fantasy fiction, I write fantasy fiction and this book was nominated for the Aurealis Awards, so it must be good yes? Well, I did read it all and yes it did feel like hard work and no I didn’t enjoy it. As soon as I finished the book I took it off to the book exchange and exchanged it for a good old Lawrence Sanders novel.

    Would I force myself to read something I wasn’t enjoying again, the simple answer is no. Reading should be a pleasure as well as a learning tool what do you learn when you’re not enjoying the process?

  3. It sounds like this book is destined for the charity shop. Don’t waste your time – there’s plenty more books in the sea!

  4. Sharon Jones says:

    Ackk, I guess I accidentally left my comment on the POLL instead of on here…
    Basically saying the same thing as everyone else though, too many good books to waste your
    time on the bad ones.

  5. Andi says:

    I voted yes in the poll, but my answer is yes read, but not right now if it’s bringing you down, so let it collect dust and then come back. I only say that because I was recently faced with the same question and I HAD to put it down. It was dragging me. I was almost half way through and had to give up. I’ve since finished it (three months later) – it was still no good. And I now have another book which I’ve also read eight chapters of and there it sits – I’ll finish that one as well, though I am not enthused. My reason for ultimately finishing is this: I am the kind of person who doesn’t like opened ends hanging around. And that’s pretty much it. It would drive me CRAZY if I didn’t eventually finish it. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit more picky in choosing what I decide to read lately.

  6. A.T. Russell says:

    You could so sets of 10 to 20 pages over an extended period of time.

  7. Joan says:

    At school, when I was a child, we were encouraged to finish books we had once started.
    It took me most of my adult life to leave behind this ethic of guilt, which I think it is.
    There are books that are difficult to read but worth the effort – some of the classics, for instance (some are not so difficult), or experimental literature, and much poetry.
    But, the more you do read, the easier it becomes to judge, quickly, whether a book will be ‘worth it’ to you or not.
    You can’t possibly read absolutely everything, even those works recommended to you. You do need to pick and choose at some level.

    1. laradunning says:

      I think you’ve nailed it on the head. I feel guilty. I want to like it and feel guilty that I don’t. I guess that’s the great thing about being a grown-up the only one making you do anything is yourself.

  8. laradunning says:

    I’m going to follow the polls lead and let this book collect dust. I’ve got a pile of books staring at me. Num8ers is staring at me right now. I absolutely love it, so happy to see they are making a movie of it.

  9. John Wiswell says:

    I have 152 books on my shelves, in boxes and on my PC that I have not read. Non-fiction, fiction and comics. As a rabid completionist who has suffered to the end of many bad books, I say ditch it, Lara. Go read something else – something radically different. Don’t just find a better one of these, but an expansion for your mind. You can always come back to this later if you desire to see how it ended.

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