Vampire Tracker Part 5 #fridayflash #tuesdayserial #samplesunday


Vampire Tracker Part 5

     When I opened my eyes I was in a body that was not my own. Sweaty skin pushed against me and the familiar scent of cloves and cinnamon filled my nostrils. Herded by the mass of people around me we entered a large room and immediately everyone called out “My Queen.” Half naked men and women draped in soft linens bowed or kneeled in front of a beautiful woman with long loose hair, green eyes that were outlined with dark black and a form-fitting white dress trimmed with gold. Unsure of what to do I stood watching the rows of dark hair bob up and down before me. Someone slipped their hand into mine to pull me into position. I looked down and was surprised to see that my skin was the color of mocha.

     In the center of the room sat a wide-eyed girl bound to a large stone chair. Blood oozed from puncture marks on her arms and legs. Beside her the Queen strutted. With her fingertips dipped in gold she pointed to the panicked girl.

            “Come my children, drink, you shall live with your Queen forever.”

     Bodies pressed forward, I stood still. One by one they went by me knocking my shoulders on their path to kneel before the girl. They sucked and licked the blood dripping from her wounds. I took a step backwards. This is a dream right? If not, I need to get outta here. My eyes darted around the room, but the only way out, was the way in, and throngs of people were behind me. The Queen noticed my hesitation.

            “Bring that girl to me!”

     The crowd parted and I was left standing alone. Guards with square jaws and bulky shoulders came from the shadows and pushed me forward. The Queen glared, her jaw clenched.        

“You deny my gift?!” She put a finger on my chin, lifting my face to hers. Her breath smelled of cloves and blood. “How dare you defy me, your Queen!”

     Her pupils started to dilate, the green of her eyes began to swirl. ‘Resist Her,’ a man’s voice commanded inside my head. Who was that? Without thinking I averted my eyes and words flew out of my mouth that were not my own.

“I came for my father, Omar, he is here.”

 The Queen pushed my chin down and scowled. “Take her to him, then throw her outside. If she ever comes here again, drain every last drop of her blood.”


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Vampires ~ Flash Fiction ~ Friday Flash


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Chuck Allen says:

    Oooh. The intrigue continues! I love the mystery surrounding the queen and all the people. I’m assuming this is still Vella narrating, so who’s Omar? (I’m not very good at waiting.) 🙂 Great job!

  2. John Wiswell says:

    Never trust a vampire-related Queen. They’re all such divas. The man’s voice got us in trouble, but I’d still follow it.

  3. Oh, listening to the voices in our head… Great installment, Lara, can’t wait for the next part 🙂

  4. You are giving me palpitations … whoa … this installment is great and I am now on the edge of my chair waiting with baited breath … hurry with the next installment, Lara. This is great 🙂

  5. You’ve really got me hooked here Lara and I wasn’t expecting this little turn of events. I’m rather enjoying the bite-sized portion of weird that you are serving up.

  6. An unexpected turn. I like the description of unfamiliar flesh pressing in. Interesting to know what happens next — definite sense of larger events. Who is the vamp queen diva? And the voice… St.

  7. Steve Green says:

    A new twist in the tale, I never expected this, I just thought the “Thing” was going to get her. Very imaginative.

  8. Debs says:

    The intrigue is great. I look forward to more!

  9. Aidan Fritz says:

    A couple of times I got confused whether she was in the Queen’s body (mostly from the comment that when she awoke her body was not her own and the comment “from me, your queen.” which took me a moment to realize that the comma was modifying me, not speaking to the person… grammatically it is correct and is more my misreading it.)

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