Vampire Tracker Part 1 #fridayflash #tuesdayserial #samplesunday


Name: Lavella (known as Vella) Hart

Date: Became Tracker Summer of 1991

Vampire Tracker Part 1

     My obsession with vampires started in high school. Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Gary Oldman and Winoa Ryder was my favorite movie and I devoured Anne Rice books. I spent hours perusing the shelves in the secondhand book store looking for anything I hadn’t read or a bit of history I didn’t know. I’d come home with my arms loaded with books, some smelled of mold, but I didn’t care, I loved vampires. Their life, their immortality, their live experiences was hypnotizing. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to live forever and look good at the same time. In my enthusiasm I dyed my hair black and powdered my face until it was white as the moon. My parent got a kick out of it all and indulged my romantic notions of vampire lore and with a little bit of elbow grease I soon lived in a black room.

     A few days after I graduated high school Jeremy, my long time friend, and I drove out east to visit all the known places of vampire sightings. We spent months marking them down and charting our course. Any extra money we made went into a shiny metal coffee can we labeled ‘Vampire Hunting.’ For two months we’d camp out or stay in dirt cheap motels and make sure to eat as cheap as we could. Everything would be documented. Jeremy was the man behind the camera. I was the voice and face of our trip.

     The first part of the trip was pretty unmomentous. We made it a point to interview a few folks in the towns we went to, follow-up with research at the library or museums. Most folks didn’t even know about the stories, and those that did gave us raised eyebrows. A couple of old folks said it ‘was best to leave the dead alone.’ But, they weren’t really dead right, they were the undead.

     We’d been on the road for three weeks and were making our way down the highway to southeast Virginia. I had read a crazy story in an old book about Nat Turner, a slave who led a rebellion in Southampton Virginia and killed hundreds of people, whites and blacks. In this version he was a vampire. It said that ‘one night when the moon turned blue-green a vision of blood came to him.’ It’s up for debate whether he was a vampire or not at this point, but shortly afterward, he had hundreds of vampire slaves serving him.

Via fotopedia by mlhradio

     We rolled into town and bought sodas at an ancient gas station. It had one rusty pump and an old timey metal soda machine. The attendant looked like he had worked there his whole life. He didn’t move when we walked in, just kept reading the paper. We set our sodas down on the counter.

The attendant pushed the newspaper back, looked us up and down. His hair was short and grey, his skin, dark brown but smooth. “That’ll be two dollars.” He returned to his paper.

     We dug through our pockets and set several coins down on the counter.

“Hey, can you tell us where the Nat Turner rebellion was?”

He flicked the newspaper back and eyed us. “What’d you want to go there for? You look like a couple of decent kids, my advice to you is to drive right through town and just keep going.”

Jeremy and I looked at each other. “Uh, we’re kinda doing a summer project. Can you help us?”

     He looked out the window at our car. The back was piled high with sleeping bags, pillows and junk pressed against the windows.

“Summer project, eh.” He took our money and put it in the register. “Well, if you must go. It’s down the road, turn right at the graveyard. From that point on there will be signs, just follow ’em.”

“Thanks.” I waved my hand.

He leaned over the counter, grabbed my hand and pulled me close. I could smell tobacco, coffee and garlic on his breath. “No matter what you do, be in town before dark. A person’s soul can easily get lost out there.”

     Jeremy pulled on the back of my shirt and I wrenched my hand free. We ran out of the store and sped down the road. I swear my heart was going to burst out of my chest. Jeremy started laughing.

“That was some crazy shit Vella!”

“Dude, that was totally freaky. You should have smelled his breath. I think he was dead already.”

     We followed his directions and parked along the side of the road next to a historical marker. Jeremy snapped a few pics of the sign. He looked toward the woods on the other side of the field.

“Let’s walk a bit. Maybe there will be something more in the woods over there and then we can come back at nightfall to film.”

Via Wikimedia Commons by Stanislav Doronenko

     We walked across a large field into the woods. I could hear the click of the camera as Jeremy took pictures. I veered off to the right hoping to find something, anything to make stopping here worthwhile. Further in the woods something caught my attention. As I got closer I noticed a large wooden cross buried in the ground. Carved into it was “Here lies my soul,” there was a name, but I it had been marked out.

I turned my head Jeremy’s direction. “Hey come look at this!”

Jeremy ran over. “Wow, let’s see if there is any more. I’ll walk this way, you walk that way, then we’ll come down the middle.”

     Jeremy headed to the right and tripped, falling face down into the ground.

“Hey, you ok?” I went over to help him.

“Uh, I am, let’s just hope the camera is too.” Jeremy stood up and looked the camera over.

I looked down at the ground. “Oh my god, what the?”

     At our feet were tons of small bones scattered about the ground in piles. It looked like someone had a woodland feeding frenzy here.

“Jer, this is definitely the spot.”



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15 Comments Add yours

  1. I like how you took an actual historical figure and built a vampire story around it! Vampire plantation uprisings, cooool!

    1. laradunning says:

      Thank you. History is facinating in iteself, with a twist it adds a whole new element. What the imagination can create. On the alternative side, I hope I don’t piss anyone off.

  2. John Wiswell says:

    Actually thought this was a non-fiction reflection at first. That took a turn for me!

    1. laradunning says:

      I decided it was time to delve into Vella’s story as I only breifly mention her in Vampire as the Moulin Rouge.

  3. dannigrrl says:

    I’m with John, I wasn’t sure if this was fiction or non at the beginning. I love that you pulled a little truth into your story, it makes it all the more fun.

  4. pegjet says:

    I too, despite the title, thought it was a memoir. To be honest, it stopped me on my first visit, but I came back thinking “she’s a fiction writer, give it a chance.”
    The links in your story sort of take the reader out of the story. If you want to credit those places, maybe placing them at the end of the story would be helpful.

    As for the story, I’m anticipating what will happen when night falls. The romanticized and the actual vampire experience…it will be tense!

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks for the suggestion about the links and comments. I too am looking forward to writing what happens next.

  5. Steve Green says:

    A nice blend of fact and fiction, making it all the more believable. The story gave me vibes of “The Blair Witch Project” Students researching old lore, and maybe finding a truth they wish they hadn’t.

    1. laradunning says:

      The first draft of this was a little more Blair Wicthy so I let it sit for a day and then this version came to me. I ended up liking it alot better and the gravesite will be a lot more versitile for part two. Thanks for commenting Steve!

  6. Aidan Fritz says:

    Gorgeous. You capture characters so well. I’m intrigued on this series and initially thought I was getting to see “the other side”; yet, looking a second time at Moulin Rouge, I’m not so sure. Is Vella the journalist used as a frame in that piece?

    1. laradunning says:

      Yes, Vella collects stories of when vampires were made. If a date made is noted in the flash, then it was told to her and she has recorded. I’ve got some thoughts on where I want to take her character and the others, but I don’t have it all plotted out yet. When I plot to much, something always ends up changing.

  7. You’ve got a smooth transition crossing over from the real to the ‘feels real’ in here. Going tracking vampires always a good idea — I’m sure everyone will be fine ;). Entertaining characterisation and writing style. Interested to see where this goes next. St.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks for commenting Stephen!

  8. Stephen says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party. I love the tension you set up with the gas station clerk. It gives the reader that prickly feeling, portending something wicked. Then you show them the bones, which further lays the foundation and spurs the reader on, hungry for more. It makes the suspense interesting as we consider that maybe there’s more truth than superstition to the vampire legend, and maybe our “hunters” should heed the advice given.

    Well done.

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