Seriously, I Will Read Your Book ~ Fantasy Book Review ~ Mik Wilkens

“Seriously, I Will Read Your Book”

The Silver Cage by Mik Wilkens

 Fantasy fiction writer Mik Wilkens takes readers on a journey into a fanciful and mystical world where evil has been ruling for far too long.

The Silver Cage

By Mik Wilkens

Kindle and NookBook Edition 2010

Backcover: Life is good for David Conner. He has a great job, plenty of money, and he’s just met the woman of his dreams. But his dreams turn into nightmares when he finds himself on Lucasia—a magical world of shapeshifters, dragons, faeries, and other creatures of myth—where he is the key to victory in a struggle between opposing forces: one sworn to save the world, the other intent on its destruction.

If he is to survive, David must learn the rules of this strange new world, master its powerful magic forces, and decide who is friend and who is foe.

But is David the world’s savior . . . or the cause of its ruin?

Mik’s book can be found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Lara’s Review: David, was never destined to live an ordinary life. After he meets a stranded and beautiful woman named Jenessara, he is magically transported to Lucasia, another world where good and evil is off-balance and ruled by a dark witch named Alexsa. Lucasia is full of magical creatures, dragons, mages and witches, just to name a few. After crossing over David realizes he has unique abilities of his own. Queen Alexsa has always had plans for David, but when he arrives Alexa realizes David has his own plans. With the help of friendly, and not so friendly Lucasians, David makes the long trek to Castle Nemik to confront the dark witch Alexsa and save Jenessara.

Mik has created a very hierarchical and layered magical realm, with different levels of drakes (dragons) and other magical creatures (such as elves and faeries). The creative detailing of these characters make this world come alive. The first part of the book, the learning phase for David and the reader, leads up to David understanding who he really is and coming to terms with what he must do. The second part of the book, brings in a myriad of characters, including a Child of Sytan and a former dragon, that really help create the tension and push forth the action.

One character in particular, Keral, a former dragon who is tormented by his past and has been condemned to live inside a humanoid form, adds a whole other element to the story. While most of the characters find their path fairly easily, Keral is continually tormented and conflicted. Once he was introduced I had a hard time putting the book down. Looking forward to the second book!

Author Interview to Post Sunday February 12th!

Find out more about Mik Wilkens and her life as a fantasy writer, as well as, a chance to win a copy of The Silver Cage!


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  1. I’ve started Mik’s book and still haven’t finished it! I really need about six more hours a day… 🙂 I must finish this book!


    1. laradunning says:

      I here that, I could use longer days and less sleep. Let me know what you think when your done.

  2. This is not my genre, but sounds compelling. Like one of your stories. I look forward to the interview. 🙂

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