Seriously, I Will Read Your Book ~ Speculative Fiction Book Review ~What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles by Mike Bailey

Seriously, I Will Read Your Book

What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles by Mike Bailey 

Virtual Book Tour: Mike will be standing by live Sunday Jan. 9th (12pm-2pm) to answer any questions or comments!

Speculative fiction writer Mike Bailey takes readers on a perilous journey following a group of individuals who rediscover humanity and themselves after a man made experiment goes utterly wrong.  

What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles by Mike Bailey

(August 20, 2010)

ISBN-13: 978-0557224852, Paperback, 146 pages, $18.80 
Also available in Kindle $6.99   
Back Cover: A secret underground scientific facility, operated by global shadow governments, develops a creature capable of living and traveling in outer space. The purpose? To explore space for us and return to us with information on what they find. Unfortunately for us, the creatures learn to hate mankind, and they’ve just gotten loose. Now, small pockets of survivors must rebuild while learning to combat the most ferocious living thing ever known to man.

Mike Bailey’s book is available at Amazon.

Lara’s Review: The first few chapters of the book are information driven and create the setting, as a short lived character becomes aware of the underground facility which is creating controversial genetic experiments run by global shadow governments. The real action begins when the genetic experiment, which happen to look like dragons, retaliates and ends up wiping out most of the human population. Misha Korenski, who is the steadfast and unwavering main character, faces the reality of what she must do to destroy, that which she helped create. Luckily there are a few surviors to help her, and together they risk their lives to bring peace back to planet earth, or do they?

This speculative fiction story combines conspiracy, scifi and fantasy, with splashes of heroics, a little erotic romance and a intracate and highly detailed setting. This story is about the flaws of humanity, but by the end, it is really a story about the preserverance of the human spirit. As the gentically enginered dragons unleash their terror on the entire planet the group of survivors discover they have what it takes to overcome them while at the same time are forced to address and change the flaws of the system. Some of the scenes are nail bitting and heart thumping as the group does what they have to, to survive. Along the way the reader is confronted, along with the characters, that human nature and love has a way of thriving even in the worst of conditions.

Be warned the book does contain descriptive love scenes and is not really age appropriate for young readers.

Dragon Bound -Second book in the Works!

Author Interview Coming Soon!

As part of Mike’s Virtual Book Tour I will be interviewing him about his books and his life as a writer, which will be posted on Sunday February 6th, 2011. If you are a speculative fiction reader who loves some conspiracy and scifi thrown in you will not want to miss what he has to say and a chance to win What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Bailey says:

    8) Thank you Lara! That was one of the best reviews of y book that I have seen yet! I thank you so much. I’ll be online here for a couple of hours should anyone wish to ask questions or make comments.

    I will tell you that the book was so ridiculously fun to write. Many aspects of it weren’t planned but just fell into place. As a whole it all just seemed to come together on it’s own. The url for the book is for more information and tidbits.

    I am currently working on chapter 5 of the second book in the trilogy. The url for the second book is if anyone would like to read more about it.

    I would love to hear from everyone.

    Mike Bailey

    1. laradunning says:

      Mike, I really enjoyed your book as I love end of world scenerios. That is when “realness” comes out and people usually start making a stand for something. I will add those links into the post.

  2. Jason says:

    Mike, congratulations on your virtual book tour! “What Have We Done?” sounds like a fascinating story with a great lead character. I look forward to your interview and to reading the book.

    1. Jason,

      Thank you. The book was a LOT of fun to write the tour is shaping up to be a lot of fun as well. It’s always great to meet new people and gain new inspirations. It’s the readers that make me the happiest and keep me writing. 8)

      Feel free to let me know what you think of the book when you do read it. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts. 8)


  3. Chantal Boudreau says:

    So how do I get you to seriously read my book when it comes out?

    1. laradunning says:

      All you have to do is ask and then it goes into my book line up. Be happy to read it.

  4. Chantal Boudreau says:

    Do you accept ebooks or print copies only – I’d love to have you read and review Fervor.

    1. laradunning says:

      I do accept ebooks. A few of the ones I have reviewed were ebooks only. I’d love to review your book. I have a stack right now to go through so it might take me a bit.

  5. Chantal Boudreau says:

    That would be fabulous! I can either send you a PDF of the almost final version (just a few very minor tweaks were required), or a coupon code to download it free from Smashwords. What would you prefer (or I could send both) and where should I send it?

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