Never Judge a Book By Its Cover



 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

     It has been a long time since I have been reminded of the saying, “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover.” That is exactly what happened this holiday season as I was waiting to board my plane in Indianapolis. There was a young man, who reminded me so much of Willard Hewitt, played by Chris Penn, in Footloose. He sat across from me with his young wife and baby. He looked as corn feed and raised as a Hoosier could be.

     After about ten minutes he and his wife struck up a conversation with another passenger. One of the first things he said was that he was born and raised in LA. As soon as I heard that I took another look to see if I had missed anything. He still looked like a good ol’ Indiana boy, with one exception he had loafers on. As they chatted I realized his voice definitely did not sound like a Hoosier. It was softer, flowed smoothly and about every 15 words or so he said “like.”

     I was pleasantly surprised by this for it was refreshing to see a person that was so different  from my first impulsive character assumption. Now that I am back home, reflecting and chuckling about it, I can laugh even more at how much energy I put into making sure my characters have the right name, look and demeanor for the setting and the plot line. As movies continually remind us, sometimes the element of surprise is the best part of the story.


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  1. I love the idea … the truth is that so many of us get characters from snooping on other people’s conversations.

    One day you will call him up and use him … maybe then you can turn him back into a Hoosier.

    1. laradunning says:

      That is funny, I was thinking about doing something like that.

  2. We do tend to make assumptions about things based on what they look like. That person who seems to be whispering nasty things about you, might be planning your surprise birthday party. It’s good to remember to look past the packaging.

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