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Snow In Paris

     Veronique looked outside the window to the snowy scene below her. Paris was layered from head to toe in snow. The drifts and the lack of cars on the streets reminded her of when she first came here. It was Christmas time, she was young and full of hope as she waded through the snow shivering in her shabby lace up boots. Touching the frozen windowpane she tried to remember what the cold felt like, but could not. Looking downward people were walking by bundled in long coats, hats and colorful scarves. Their breath billowed out into the air creating puffy white clouds. It was then she realized it had been decades since she had seen her own breath.

     Turning around she let her gaze fall over the objects of their lavish apartment. Degare had certainly kept his word. She had never wanted for anything, he seemed to have it all, no matter what century it was. A man shouting out on the street drew her attention back to the window. His car was stuck in the snow and he was calling out to anyone to help him. Watching him for a moment she understood how vulnerable humanity was and was glad to be rid of the human condition. Something about the man reminded her of Degare and her thoughts drifted to the distance she had been feeling growing between them. Ever since Natalia had shown up on their doorstop, his zest for life, which she had always known him to have, had somehow dwindled in Natalia’s presence.

     Moodily she turned and sat on the couch, letting her fingers trace over the fabric they had imported from India. The color was a deep blue and it reminded her of the ocean on a stormy day. Tilting her head a sound in the hallway caught her attention. Sitting quietly she listened as footsteps came down the hall towards her. Looking up she flashed her dazzling smile hoping to reel Degare in, but it did not. Her spirits sunk when she saw that all to familiar look, he had once again been thinking too much.

            “Natalia is leaving tonight,” Degare said.

            Veronique’s heart skipped a beat. Trying to hide her happiness she flattened her smile. “Oh really, so soon?”

            “Yes, she is going over to the Americas.”

     Veronique silently nodded her head trying to hide her delight. Her thoughts were racing with the good times they would have again; parties, clubs, dancing, laughter and embraces. Something she desperately needed to be a part of again for it was the only part of her long gone humanity she craved. Being cooped up indoors was not for her.

            “I still need to discuss some things with her before she leaves. It’s very important.” Kissing her on the cheek he walked out of the room.

     Picking up a finely embroidered pillow she threw it at the chair across from her pretending it was him. At least, tonight is the last night, she thought, then Degare would be all hers again. Closing her eyes she pictured them wandering through the snow arm in arm, kissing under the Eiffel Tower as the snowflakes landed on their cheeks and possibly a warm-blooded morsel would find their way to their lips. Suddenly shouts from the adjoining room brought her out of her fantasies. Walking to the wall she pressed her ear up against it to listen to Degare and Natalia argue.

            “I have to find it Degare, I have to,” Natalia said. Veronique could hear her soft footsteps as she paced the room.

            “Let it be Natalia. What is done is done. We cannot go back and change things. Not all of us are that unhappy with our condition. You have no idea what this could do for any of us. You are only thinking about yourself,” Degare said.

            “That is easy for you to say. You weren’t the one they fed from. Unlike you I had no choice Benoit. Don’t forget I made you what you are. You drank from me just like the rest of them,” Natalia said.

     Veronique pushed her ear harder to the wall straining to hear Degare’s response. All she could hear was silence. Natalia was the only person she had every heard call him by his given name. Quick footsteps marched across the floor and the slam of the door shook the walls jolting her upright. Turning around she started walking across the room, but before she knew it Degare’s arms were around her. His face was hidden in her golden hair and his body was shaking. Over the years she had seen him melancholy at times, but not once had he ever cried. Putting her arms around him she pulled him tightly to her.

            “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant lately. I know you haven’t said so, but I can see it in your eyes,” Degare said.

     Looking into his grey-brown eyes she melted in his arms. Lifting her face towards his she kissed him as if was the first time they had ever kissed. With his response she knew everything would be like it was before Natalia arrived. Just as that thought came she felt Degare’s hand slip into hers, tugging at her. Thinking he was going to lead her to the bedroom, but she was caught off guard when he led her to the couch. Sitting down next to him she looked up into his eyes. His face was unreadable.

             “Vernoique, I need to tell you something. At first I wasn’t sure if I should, that is why I have been so out of sorts lately. I’ve been weighing it out in my mind, trying to understand what Natalia really wants.”

            “What does she want?”

            “It seems the destruction of us all.”

     Not sure what to say Veronique stared at him. If she had a heart, it would have stopped pumping. If Natalia had still been there, she would have tried to kill her. She loved her life, she loved being young and beautiful. She loved the attention she caused with her golden hair and red lips when she walked down the street. Even more, she loved that Degare and she would be together forever. Thinking back to the day Natalia arrived she wished she had stood her ground when she had come into their home. Her instincts told her the minute she saw her trouble was on its way, but when she had seen Degare show her such reference, she thought maybe she had been wrong and played along. Now, she knew, she had not been. Seething with anger her nostrils flared and her eyes squinted.

     Looking down at her hand Degare’s fingers wrapped around her palm. Glancing up at him she saw his composure had returned. Turning away from him she wanted him to know she was beyond upset. Within seconds she felt his fingertip on her chin moving her face towards him. Letting him direct her, she knew she could not stay mad at him for long. She had tried it many times over the years, but always found it impossible.

“Darling, I think this will all become clearer if I tell you what Natalia really is.”


This flash fiction is a part of a vampire series I am doing for #fridayflash.

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Vampires ~ Flash Fiction ~ Friday Flash


15 Comments Add yours

  1. John Wiswell says:

    The Eiffel Tower Googlemaps hyperlink made me chuckle. Just in case somebody didn’t know…

    I was waiting for the vamp angle. I liked how Natalia’s true nature wraps up the story.

  2. Aidan Fritz says:

    These vamps are very human; love how thoroughly you get under their skin at their needs and desires.

  3. Jason says:

    Very intriguing, many unanswered questions. Do we get to find out more?

  4. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I don’t like the sound of this Natalia. She sounds like a selfish piece of work!

    One typo though – do you mean that Degare is showing Natalia ‘reverence’?

  5. ganymeder says:

    OMG, this was incredible. The characters have such depth, the setting, the passion. I’m hooked!

  6. Jim Bronyaur says:

    UH… yes. I like this. Any chance of it continuing??? (Please say yes.)

    Jim Bronyaur (#fridayflash!)

    1. laradunning says:

      Yes, this is a flash series that I hope to turn into a book!

  7. techtigger says:

    fantastic! Can’t wait to read more, the characters really pull you in. beautifully done!

    1. laradunning says:

      Thank you! I am having alot of fun with my flash fiction vampire series!

  8. Enchanting. Nice setting. The characters fit well into it.

    1. laradunning says:

      Veronique is such a fun character to think about and write about. She very much lives in the present moment, although in this story she has lived for several decades. Writing her conversion story was so much fun and the imagery just floated about in my head as I tried to get from there to the written word.

  9. KjM says:

    Oh yes, I want to read more. I’ve read vampires since I first read “Dracula” – any and all (yes, that includes Bella and Edward. What can I say?).

    The characters here hit home and I would love to read more about their doings.

    Well done.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thank you. This is a vampire series I’m doing. I started of with Natalia and her conversion. Then it just kept going from there and inter-weaving the characters together somehow. I too am a vampire fan and grew up with Anne Rice being the end all be all of vampire stories. I have the Sookie Stackhouse series on my list to read, but not sure when I will be able to get to it.

  10. Quick, someone stake Natalia! I love vampires who actually enjoy being vampires. Great characters, thanks for sharing.

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