What is Your Favorite Christmas Drink?

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Favorite Holiday Drink

     My favorite holiday drink has always been Eggnog and Rum. After googling it I found out that drinks with various milks originated in Europe where wine and/or sherry were usually added to the concoction. Milk and eggs were not readily come by in Europe (which I didn’t realize) and so the more affluent drank this drink. When the tradition arrived on American shores milk and eggs were available to everyone. So wholeheartedly the masses added imported Rum from the Caribbean, as it was a cheaper. Honestly, I can’t imagine wine in milk or eggnog would taste as good as rum, or even brandy. 

     I would go a step further to say that Eggnog with Rum, maybe more of a regional tradition. I could be wrong, but it seems more prevalent east of the Mississippi. When I would go to holiday parties in Alaska I would ask the hosts about Eggnog and Rum. I would get blank stares. Finally one of my good friends asked me why I kept asking about Eggnog and Rum. I told them it was a tradition holiday drink back home. Again, blank stares. Then at one party a girl I’d never seen before was asking for Eggnog and Rum. This was the first person in seven years I had heard asking for this drink. I was sure she was from my neck of the woods, the mid-west. Sure enough, she was from Ohio.

  So my question to you is, what is your favorite or traditional holiday drink and what part of the country or world do you live in?


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  1. We are Italian and my mom made our egg nog from scratch and after she added the rum, she folded in a pint of whipped cream, sprinkled nutmeg and refrigerated until …

    I can still taste it. 🙂 Also, my hispanic friends drink Coquito … that’s a variation of egg nog with magnolia milk, coconut milk and over proof rum. You can’t feel your hair after two of those. 🙂

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