Christmas, Holidays and Burl Ives


Via WikipediaCommons by Carl Van Vechlen

Christmas, Holidays  and Burl Ives

I love telling people I live in a town Burl Ives lived in, for just mentioning his name, especially at Christmas time makes their eyes gleam and sparkle. I wish I had lived here when he was still alive and could be seen walking the streets of our historic downtown. For many of us Burl’s name and voice conguers up so many memories from holiday songs to our favorite television shows about the adventures of Rudolph. His voice is so melodic, friendly and warm, he has truly become an essential component of holiday merry making. When you realize Burl was not only a talented actor and singer, but songwriter as well it is truly amazing how many of his Christmas songs have become holiday classics.

Burl Ives’s widow, Dorthy, who still maintains a residence here, is kind enough to loan to the Chamber some of the characters from those holiday classics for the towns annual Holiday Fundraiser “The Celebration of Trees.”  Here I am with Sam the Snowman and Dolly is peaking out of the corner. I’m one of those folks that thinks about the feeling Christmas creates all year round. Everytime I drive by their house, whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall, I imagine everyone prodding Burl to sing as they sit by a toasty fire with eggnog and rum in their hands and Burl’s medolic voice filing the air singing all those songs we love to hear during the holidays.


Wishing Everyone a Very Blessed and Wonderful Holiday Season! 


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  1. I’ve had problems getting to this. The Abomidable and the dentist were a riot. I’ve watched that cartoon at least two dozens times.

    Burl Ives was a favovite of mine for years before he did that cartoon.

    Have a holly, jolly Christmas indeed 🙂

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