Vampire Natalia Searches the Jungle #fridayflash #flashfiction #vampire

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Vampire Natalia Searches the Jungle

     Pushing away the green leaves I ran my hands over the ancient ruins. Digging out chunks of moss and dirt I read the pictographs etched into the stone. This was not it. Surely the King   would not have lied to me; it was here somewhere on this side of the world. Looking back into the jungle I could hear the creatures of the night stirring. The sun would soon be setting which meant the newborn would be able to travel. As I made my way down the stone steps I wished I had listened to Degare. He had warned me against Julian, but I had been so needy of a companion I overlooked his faults. His nature was wild and as soon as we touched the soil of the Americas he had become a true demon satiating his thirst whenever he felt like it.

     I felt sorry for Andrew. His life had changed in a flash, just like mine had. When he begged me to go back to his camp, to his life, my heart broke. I knew what he felt. I still remembered the day everything changed and Auturro had told me there was no going back. It had been hundreds of years since then, but sometimes it felt as if it happened yesterday. That was the problem with being immortal your memories stayed with you forever.


     Hearing something scurrying down near my feet I began stealthily tracking it through the leaves. Seeing a flash of brown fur I grabbed it and quickly sucked all of its blood out. Tossing it onto the floor I felt nothing for the small rodent. A deep howl echoed through the jungle. Looking upwards I knew I needed to find something more substantial for the newborn. He would be hungry when I returned and I did not want him to lose concentration as we made our way through the jungle. Spotting a flash of dark fur I stopped. There was a monkey high up in the trees looking at me. Smiling to myself I knew he thought he was safe, he was not. Jumping I willed myself up to his refuge in the tree tops and grabbed it. At first it squirmed, but as I gazed into its dark eyes it froze with terror.

     The monkey remained calm as I made my way to Andrew. From a distance I could hear him, it sounded as if he was crying. Stopping I decided to give him a moment longer. It had only been a few days since his whole life had changed. He deserved to mourn it. Looking down at the monkey I softly whispered ‘time is all he’ll have now.’ It just looked at me. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes listening to the world awakening around me. The sun must be rapidly descending for the sounds of the jungle had begun bellowing its chorus. This was the time of day I loved the most for when everything came alive I almost felt human again. As I filtered through the noises I heard the rapid beating of a heart. Looking down at the monkey I held tightly in my hands its eyebrows raised as if begging me to release it. For a moment I almost gave in for its face with its round dark eyes seemed all too innocent. Stomping into the cave I angrily held the creature out to Andrew and told him to drink. His hands were shaking as he reached out to the docile creature. I knew once he touched it, once he felt the heart beating and the blood moving his instincts would tell him what to do. When his nostrils flared his white teeth flashed and the monkey was no more.


This flash fiction is a part of a vampire series I am doing for #fridayflash.

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Vampires ~ Flash Fiction ~ Friday Flash


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura, as always this is wonderful.

    That was the problem with being immortal your memories stayed with you forever.

    How sad and beautiful. Have a great w/e 🙂

  2. Steve Green says:

    Nicely written, immortality has its down side too. I did feel a pang of sorrow for the poor monkey though.

  3. Aidan Fritz says:

    I like the way that you see the world from the eyes of the vampires. It creates quite a different view of these monsters. I particularly like the way she thinks of him as a new born. The picture of the mournful monkey goes well with this selection.

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