Seriously, I Will Read Your Book ~ A SciFi / Speculative Fiction Book Review ~ Jason Sullivan

“Seriously, I Will Read Your Book”

 The Dark Yergall and The Suburban Vaistes by Jason Sullivan

Speculative fiction writer Jason Sullivan recieves the honor of being the first author and Twitter friend in my series “Seriously, I Will Read Your Book.” His scifi books take you on an interstellar adventurous journey that will make you think and make you laugh.

The Dark Yergall

By Jason Sullivan

(Revised Edition, 2010)

ISBN 978-0-9826012-0-4, Trade Paperback, 208 pages, price 14.95

Backcover: The Dark Yergall is a humorous trip through a future filled with galactic machinations. Aliens kown as Yerggs conspire with the dystopian leaders of the Imkass Empire to destroy humanity. They desire to extract from the human genome the genes which allow humans to evolve thus ensuring that the Yerggs will rule until the end of the universe. Nosir Rag is a journalist who, with the help of an E.T. Rat Pack, discovers this nefarious plan. He then must overcome everything from sycophantic office assistants to tidal waves of love goo to keep hope alive in the Dark Yergall obsessed Imkass Empire.

Jason’s books are availalbe at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Lara’s Book Review:

Nosir’s world is full of genetic manipulation, conspiracy and government control. A world where truth no longer exists and everyone is feed their daily dose of artificial news and information. But, Nosir is different, he has a nagging inside. He knows there is something out there important waiting to be discovered.

Luckily his job as a reporter puts him in touch with highly sentitive unfiltered information. Information that without so much of a blink of is covered up by the government within miliseconds. Little does he know that he holds the key to finding the truth. Just how far will he go to find it? Where will his journey take him? Who will he meet along the way?

The Dark Yergall is a fantastic adventure that takes the reader not only to the future, but beyond to alien planets and the roots of humanity. Nosir is a compelling and relatable character as he struggles to fit into society and satisfy his own curiosity. His friends and his enemies all have their roles to play in this interstellar adventure. A must read for any scifi fan!

The Suburban Vaistes

By Jason Sullivan

 (Revised Edition, 2010)

ISBN 978-0-9826012-1-1, Trade Paperback, 282 pages, price 16.95

Backcover: In Book Two of The Adventures of Nosir Rag, Nosir continues his humorous exploits by traveling to that most fabled and feared of wastelands, The Suburban Vaistes. While searching for his lost coworker, whom he believes might be decompiled and imprisoned within a can of beans, Nosir has a fast-o-food mishap which leaves him with a cheeseburger lodged under his lower left rib. After many adventures, Nosir and his friends reunite to face off against an army of winnas in a nerve-racking battle outside of the Valhalla FriedDome. Don’t miss the apocalyptic excitement, served with a side of fries, in this fun, futuristic odyssey.

Jason’s books are availalbe at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Lara’s Book Review:

In The Suburban Vaistes the reader is not only transported, but enveloped in the hierarchy of Imkass society. Nosir’s strange and humorous adventures have him crashing prisons, getting lost in the desert and living the hellish life of a cheeseburger catcher in the suburbs.

With the help of quirky, strange and wonderful friends he manages to survive, even if sometimes by barely hanging on to the notion of a larger truth, a larger purpose. The sequel to The Dark Yergall pushes boundaries and ideas of social complexities and openly debates the role of governmental power.

Many of the characters in the first book have their own enlightening journeys to make, all of which collide with Nosir finding the truth and saving the world from the END. Jason’s ability to develop solid and complex characters and world building was so intriging I could not put it down. I wanted to know what trouble Norsir was going to find himself in next and who was going to help him on his journey to finding the truth. I am ready for the third book!

Author Interview Coming Soon!

Jason has also obliged my curious mind by answering my probing questions relating to his books and his life as a writer for my first author interview which will be posted on Friday (November 26th,2010).  If you are a sci fi / speculative fiction reader you will not want to miss what he has to say and a chance to win The Dark Yergall and The Suburvan Vaistes!


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  1. I love the way I come across books I’ve never heard of but sound really good. Thanks for the reviews. These books are on my TBR list now. I hope I can get them on ebook becsaue I bet they aren’t available in Australia. My novel lethal Inheritance isn’t published yet, but if you have time to read it, ch 1 is on my blogsite. It’s YA fantasy

    1. laradunning says:

      Tahlia, great to hear from you! I really enjoyed the books. I will definately check out your site. If you leave a comment on the interview post that goes up tomorrow you will automatically be entered into the contest for winning the books. I will send worldwide.

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