The Man That Was ~ Despair, Love and Hope Poem

Wikimedia Commons Titled Hope in a Prison of Despair

The Man That Was

The man that was

Was not what they say you are now

No sordid incident

No time served


The man that was

Had eyes that twinkled in the moonlight

Had a laugh and a smile

That would melt anyone’s heart


The man that was

Walked along the beach whispering about the beauty of life

Felt the power of the waves as one would their own heartbeat

Dreamed lovers dreams

Kissed lovers kisses


That is the man

I will forever remember you to be

And hope somewhere underneath

You have not been forced to forget

The man that was


One Comment Add yours

  1. That is lovely, sad and beautiful. Isn’t it true that so often we love those who were?

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