The Vanishing Island ~ Chapter 7 The Selkie Village ~ Audio Podcast

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The Vanishing Island Audio Podcast

Chapter 7 ~ The Selkie Village

Dannil has traversed the treacherous Northern Seas and wearily steps onto the sandy beach of a Selkie Village in the Orkney Islands. As the shapeshifters surround him he collapses. Taking him inside they warm his weather soaked bones and feed him. When his strength has returned he makes his proclamation from the Emperor Wei Shu. When he sets his eyes upon Aine he knows she will be the Empress.

Chief Aric, the Selkie leader, had heard rumor of strange men from the East arriving on Selkie shores. Now that one is here in his village he is honored and worried. Aine is his only remaining daughter. Will he have the strength to let her go?

Aine is intrigued by Daniil. His offer sounds to good to be true. Marriage, protection for her people and a journey outside the boundary waters. An adventure she has been longing for, but how can she leave her father alone

Audio Podcast ~ Fantasy Novel


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  1. I loved that you used the Gaelic of “Aine” for Anne … pronounced “awnee”

    1. laradunning says:

      I spent alot of time finding the right names for my characters. Researched meanings and geographic areas.

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