#NaNoWriMo Keeping the Creativity Flowing and Avoid Writer’s Block (Creativy post via Magical Mayhem)

#NaNoWriMo Keeping the Creativity Flowing and Avoid Writer’s Block

It’s day 3 and so far the words have been flowing out of my brain and onto the page with ease. Each night after writing I rethink about the next scene. How is it going to flow? What is going to happen to my main character? What I am anticipating happening at some point is that moment when the scene takes me a couple of days to work out. I spend lots of time thinking, walking/hiking, reading and believe it or not soaking in the shower. All of these things give me quiet time to move my brain along to that next step. I am not one to stare at a the computer just waiting for the words to magical pop out of my brain. I think about my characters. I think about the scene. I think about how the dialogue is going to all flow together to make sense and feel natural.  I usually do not stress over these days. They never last for long, maybe a day or two. But, in NaNoWriMo a couple of days of not writing will put your word count behind. Making up those lost words could prove to be a challenge.

After handling human brains and a trip to IDEO in Palo Alto Megan at Magical Mayhem has some good tips for those facing writers block:

  1. Think of many ideas in a short time period
  2. Do not judge these ideas, just let them flow
  3. Allow yourself to come up with wild ideas, not just plausible ideas
  4. Draw pictures to help spurn the concept of your idea

Wishing all of those writing like crazy this month, either in the challenge or not, happy writing and stress free writer’s block days!

 Read more on Megan’s post here:

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via Magical Mayhem


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  1. I also talk to myself in character. How crazy is that?

    I loved this post and your link to Magical Mayhem … the truth is, we never know where an idea comes from. I’ve stopped wondering and learned to follow it, like following sign posts on the road. I think I am directed and automatically set my internal GPS to my final destination.

    Thanks and good luck with your personal challenge and NaNo.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks for the mention Hadassah!

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