Poetic Asides November Poem a Day Challenge and #Nanowrimo (via Lexi Flint’s Author Alcove)

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Participant in Poetic Asides Poem a Day Challenge

November 1st is only a few days away and writers everywhere are charging up their imaginations and loosening up their fingers to compete in NaNoWriMo. I won’t be one of those authors to take the plunge this year, but as a poet I am up for Poetic Asides November Poem a Day Challenge. I have heard a lot about NaNoWriMo on blogs and from fellow Twitter mates. But little about Poetic Asides November Poem a Day challenge untill I ran across this post by Lexi Flint.

For me, poetry has always been a means to express love and loss. For some reason I have always focused on those two subjects with rarely veering away. Just recently I have been pushing myself to branch out. In my poem “Midnight Snow” I wrote about one of my favorite childhood memories about my mother waking me up to walk through freshly falling snow. I also wrote “Childhood Memories of the Cardboard Box” about a refrigerator box that my siblings and I turned into a rocket ship. Writing these poems was such a wonderful experience as it allowed me to relive that part of my childhood again.

Happily this November I will be one of the participants in the Poetic Asides Poem a Day challenge. I have signed up for my poem prompts with Robert Lee Brewer. For those that are not participating in NaNoWriMo I urge you to participate in the Poem a Day challenge. Who knows what great poems will fill your notebook!

Thanks to Lexi Flint for her post and enlightening me about this challenge!

Fall is upon us and so is the November poem a day challenge and #Nanowrimo   Today is October 4th 2010 and I’m finally ready to admit summer is over. It’s time to shed the shorts and tank tops of summer for hoodies and woolen mittens.  I finally had to turn off the a/c and turn on the heat. It’s a time to rake the leaves, light the fireplace and watch football games on the tele. October is also time to prepare for the Poetic Asides November Poem a day challenge and the Nanowrimo. The Poetic Asides Poem a day c … Read More

via Lexi Flint’s Author Alcove


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  1. Lexi Flint says:

    I look forward to the poetry challenge each year. I forgot to tell you the poetry challenge occurs twice per year, November and April giving you even more opportunities to stretch your poetic muscles. Thank you for visiting my site and the repost.

    Have a great day!


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