Confession of Natalia the Vampire ~ #fridayflasy #fictionfriday

Journal Log: Tracked down and met in Cairo cafe January 2005             

Subject: Natalia Emnam 

Date Made: Possbily almost 3,000 years ago

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Confession of Natalia the Vampire

     The dark-skinned, grey-eyed man tempted me with his promises. He said after serving the Queen for one year I would have a free life without slavery and strife. Pouring wine into a golden goblet we toasted to our contract. The wine was not what he said. It was something else, something from the belly of the beast. As it coursed through my body I could feel it burning and taking hold of my senses. Auturro, my lover, my betrothed, stood by and watched in horror helpless. He had told me not to be swayed by the strange man. He had begged me to leave, but the promise of a free life was too much.

     The next day I awoke tied to a chair in a large room. Above me was a circular opening and the silvery moonlight cascaded down upon me. Standing in front of me was the dark-haired, dark-eyed Queen smiling guilefully at a handful of people who had come to her call. In a quick movement she turned on me and ran her painted gold fingernails along my shoulder and neck. Nodding to her servant he placed a long slender pitcher to my lips as she whispered “drink my blood Feeder” into my ear. The blood was thick, slightly metallic and tasted better than the grey-eyed man’s. I was repulsed and in rapture at the same time.

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     When I had finished the crowd looked at me with greedy eyes. With a wave of her hand they ascended on me with their sharp teeth sinking deep into my flesh drinking her blood that filled my veins. I understood now. I would serve her by feeding her dark followers her precious and powerful drops of blood. As a Feeder I drank her blood every night never breaking the skin of another’s flesh. As her followers ritually drank from me I would stare at the moon, the only thing left familiar to me. As the months passed I could feel the Queen’s blood changing me. Her power and strength were soaking deep into my flesh, but for some reason they only trickled down to her children.

     As the year came to an end the Queen noticed I was not wilting and grey as she had expected, but white and as beautiful as she. As her servant came to feed me she waved her hand away and stared at me with penetrating dark eyes. Within in flash she was upon me with her teeth grazing my neck. Gathering up my strength I thought of Auturro and how she had separated me from my love. Wrenching my hands free from the rope ties I pushed her to the floor. Standing up on the chair I crouched down like a leopard waiting for her to come. When she did I sprang up into the air and flew out of the hole in the ceiling. With the sand under my feet I ran to Auturro.



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     Standing before his family home in the quickly fading dusk I listened for his voice. I could hear his mother, his father, his sister and the cooing of an infant inside. Tilting my head towards the hills I heard his low melodic voice calling to his goats. I found him resting against a rock gingerly touching my picture. I will never forget the rapturous look on his face when he saw me. I must have been a sight. My once olive skin, now pale white, my long black hair hanging loose to my waist, my white linen slip fluttering in the breeze and my hazel eyes luminous with the Queen’s power. As if expecting me he stood up calmly.

     “I have been waiting for you to come,” he said.

     Closing my eyes those were the words I wanted to hear. Running to him I put my arms around his warm body.

     Pushing me away he said, “I can see what they have done to you. I am sorry.”

     “I am free! We can be together now!” I said happily.

     “No, we will never be together. What we had ended when you took that sip of wine. You are now something else. You are damned,” he said looking away with pain in his voice.

     “No Auturro. I’m still Natalia. I still love you!” I pleaded grasping his shoulders.

     Looking towards his house he said, “Even so, it does not matter now. I am married, I have a child. We cannot be. I cannot go where you are going.”

     Looking back at his house my heart sunk. The babe I had heard earlier had been his. All this time I had been held captive, feeding the Queen’s minions, he had found someone else. I was painfully reminded of the decision I had made a year ago. My heart wrenched with pain as I looked upon his beautiful face. His dark curls hung loose about his board shoulders. His olive skin was darkened from the days herding his flock. His mouth was trembling as he waited for me to respond. His dark brown eyes looked at me pleadingly as if asking for forgiveness.


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     As the blood had been drained from me months ago there was no forgiveness left. Every ounce of love I felt turned into a whirlwind of hate. Like the roar of a storm I barreled down to his home and drank my first drops of human blood. Returning to the hill I wanted him to see his family’s blood dripping from me. I wanted to make him feel the pain I felt. I found him sitting atop the rock with my picture in one hand and a knife in the other. 

     “Now do you see? You are not what you used to be. I still love you, as I loved you once, but not like this,” he said. 

     In one swift movement he brought the knife to his neck and slit his throat. His body buckled and fell helpless onto the rock. I ran to him telling him I loved him. Looking at me with sorrowful eyes blood poured down his neck and chest and then he was no more.

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      That night I carried his body to the caves in the mountains and buried him deep within its caverns. For days I sat staring at him. Auturro was gone. Loneliness and despair set in. I had killed the only person I had ever loved, the only person that had ever loved me. What had I done in my anger?

     Since then I have replayed that fateful night in my head. Auturro was right all those centuries ago. I was damned. If only I had listened to my dear Auturro. If I had I would have been dust long ago and my body would be lying next to him where it should have always been. But, I did not. I fell for the promises. I drank the wine. I drank the blood. Now I am cursed to live the life of a Shadow Walker, not dead, not alive, but something in between.


This flash fiction is a part of a vampire series I am doing for #fridayflash.

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason says:

    Wow, very intense. I am not very familiar with Vampire fiction but I feel I know more about it now after reading this well-crafted story. Is this part of a larger work?

    1. laradunning says:

      I’ve always liked vampire stories. Never really wrote any of them down for some strange reason. I’m just having fun with them for now. I think I’m going to do a series of short vampire stories and see where that takes me on the side. I still have The Vanishing Island to wrap up. That is 4 seperate stories. I’m thinking on what I want to do next.

  2. Justyn Rowe says:

    Mmmm lovely smooth thoughts and transitions. Enjoyed the POV with the sorrow/regret etc.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thank you. I had so much fun with the POV!

  3. TEC4 says:

    Very sensual and vivid; I’m not familiar with vampire lore, but this one was really excellent.

    1. laradunning says:

      I had a fun time writing it. With recent liberties made lately with vampires I thought I’d add a new one-the Feeder vampire. I like the idea of a vampire being created for the sole purpose to be a pure vessel for the Queen’s blood. Only in the end it backfires on her.

  4. Very well crafted. Don’t like vampires much, but I liked this. I did my first fiction friday today too.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thank you. This story was a lot of fun. I am thinking of doing a series of them. I checked out your fiction friday. I think horror and thrillers are your forte.

  5. Michelle says:

    I was hoping Auturro was going to take her back! I liked how you showed the range of emotion I could totally sympathize with her. Great story!

    1. laradunning says:

      Yeah, that would have been nice if he had. I had thought of going that direction, but then I wanted to give her something to think about and regret for the rest of her life. Something that would compell her character to find forgiveness and resolution. In my other flash vampire stories I’ve been slowing building up to that as I work it out in my brain. Thanks for commenting!

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