The Art of Writing and Juggling Your Day Job


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 The Art of Writing, Blogging and Juggling Your Day Job

As a working writing who has just ramped up their social platform I have found it quite a process with the additions of twittering and blogging to my already busy schedule of working and writing.  

I know the importance of social platform and since I do hoped to be published someday this is now part of my everyday existence as an aspiring writer.

Being an organized person by nature I am curious how other aspiring writers manage their days and still feel like they are moving forward and not continually surfing social space. Connecting with other writers, reading their blogs and articles has really been the biggest value of social networking. With each passing day I learn something or am reintroduced to something about the writing world. Yet, finding time for it all is hard. I’ve read articles that say to get online, check blogs, check Twitter and Facebook, for only 20 minutes in the morning and at night. Really, in reality is that enough time?

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Writing and Blogging

Then there is the time devoted to writing and maintaining your blog. Which takes away from story writing among many other things. One problem that I currently have is that in my blog excitement I set up one blog under my name and two different blogs for my stories. Not only do I have to maintain my blog, but these blogs as well which is a time sucker.  Originally, I thought that having separate blogs would make it simpler for the reader. They could easily go to the story blog and not be bothered by my personal blog. But, being as I am trying to build my name (which is my brand) I realize that was a mistake as the personal blog offers a connection to the writer of the story. So now I am in the conundrum of what to do about these blogs? Do I cancel the other two blogs? I am already incorporating their posts into my main blog so technically it would not be to big of a deal. Or do I keep maintaining them? I would love to hear from any of you that have found yourself in the same position.

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The Balancing Act of Writing and Juggling Your Day Job

Since I ramped up my social media platform in August the organized part in my brain has been dissecting the process of what I have learned with how I can be most productive in my every day as a working writer.  

Tips I have come up with:

  • Know Your Blog – take the time to understand the tools, sidebars, widgets, scheduling, etc of your blog.
  • Spend no longer than 2 hours on a blog post. If I find the words floating out of my mind onto the page keep writing and save it to post in a separate blog later.
  • Your name is your brand, not the title of your book. Be sure to use your name when responding to posts.
  • Use SocialOomph as a tool to help you maintain and keep you connected to Twitter.
  • Definite days to be present on Twitter are #WW – # WriterWednesday and #FF – # FollowFriday.
  • Have set week days to check Twitter for longer than 20. On set days greet followers, check out their websites, blogs and make connections. approx. 1 hour-2 at max.
  • Have set week days to check blogs for long than 20 min. On set days read your subscriber blogs, research new blogs and articles. approx 1 hour-2 at max.
  • On days of limited Twitter interaction mark tweets of interest as a favorites and return to that tweet later.
  • Main goal is to always make writing the priority

This is a start. I am sure there will be a few more things added to list as time progresses as I navigate the social networking world.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello Laura: I haven’t taken the “time” to write to you about your blog. Very interesting posts and this one is especially thought provoking.

    We are all in the same fix, trying to fit the time for social networking, checking in with and managing our own blogs and writing our stories.

    I am also an unpublished writer. I have so many people I write to between blogs and twitter, I even forgot how we met.

    That is mine. Subscribe and compare our different,yet similar ways of blogging. I combine guests posts, interviews and I have gotten permission to reprint interesting posts from other bloggers.

    One way I “manage” is to sit down and write two to three blogs at one time. Fit in my guests, post only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and try not to get caught up in cyber space so long I neglect my work.

    I don’t post my WIP but I post work I do only for the blog and occassionally a short story or pieces of stories that I want to expand later.

    There is no one way to do it. Only that we remember we are here to meet other writers and get name recognigion, not to zone out for too long.

    I think you are handling all of this well.

    See you in outer space 🙂

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks for your insightful comment and tips. I like the way you are organizing your blog posts. Having scheduled post days is a good idea. I have just recently started writing more than one at a time. When mid-week roles around I can sigh with relief as I have just enought time in my working day to edit and post. I’m not a fast blog writer. Usually takes me two hours, sometimes more. The experience of blog writing is very different than writing a story. Still getting used to it. Thanks for the feedback and confidence booster! Cheers!

  2. Lexi Flint says:

    These were great tips. I am trying to be more organized. Twitter and facebook do take up so much time. I try to post to my blog at least once a week. Research takes up most of my blogging time. I also have a hectic non-writing work schedule. I will definately try to limit my internet time and see if that helps.

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. laradunning says:

      Hi Lexi. How long has your blog been up? I started my blog and twitter account in Aug and within the past week or so I finally feel like I am getting the hang of juggling it all with the rest of my life and still get to write. For those of us with day jobs, plus you add on kids, family, regular daily chores to that it the task seems so daunting to manage it all. Your posts are well thought out and well written. Looking forward to more.

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