Childhood Memories of The Cardboard Box ~ Poem

Via Flickr by Nathan Rein

Childhood Memories of The Cardboard Box 


Refrigerator box








Time Machine?


Rocket Ship!


Cut out windows

Colored dials

Bright red buttons

Pointed tip

Cardboard wings


Helmets on

Engine on

We’re ready

Blast Off!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. We made a club house out a refrigerator box … the next time we took off the top and bottom and rolled inside the box down the hill.

    There I was rolling down the hill and ran smack into my dad.

    Great post, good memories.

    1. laradunning says:

      Thanks for sharing your Cardboard Box story! How fun! I’ve gotten such great response from that poem. It must have resonated with alot of people whose parents bought a new refrigerator and said to themselves, “What the heck do we do with this box?” As the kids are excitedly screaming off to the side, “Give it to us!” We had our rocket ship in our playroom for several months. It was so much fun.

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