Lost Dreams Under the Big Top ~ Sad Love Poem


Via Flickr by H.Powers

Lost Dreams Under the Big Top


Your words fly at me like a circus daggers   

Sticking in my chest   

My soul cracks into tiny pieces   

As my flesh spins on the colored wheel   

 I watch traumatized   

As they are tossed into the air   

Thrown to the four corners of the tent   

Blown by the elephants   

Outside the ring    


Broken, damaged, cut apart   

Blurred by sorrow   

I stare at you   

Under false eyelashes  

You explain in words   

Love and friendship   


Happiness and disenchantment   

Dizzy I clearly understand   

But do not care to hear   

All I can feel is parts of me   

Drifting away   

I wonder if I will ever   

Be whole again   


Teetering on the tightrope   

You fail to realize   

I am familiar with your words   

This act   

I have used them myself   

On many an unsuspecting clown   

With painted red smiles   

Which turned into frowns   


Numb my body jolts as the wheel stops   

My being is   

Forever changed   

I have come full circle   

Never did I think   

I would fall   

So far from you   

Without a net   


Now I am the clown   

With painted blue tears   

So much for dreams  

Under the Big Top   



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