Podcasting & English royals

Elizabeth Woodville

A very productive 3 day weekend. Spent the majority of it recording chapters from The Vanishing Island and Lost Skin (Aine, Wei Shu and Finn). Podcasting is a lot of fun, but if you are adding sound it is quite time-consuming. Reminded me of my journalism class college days where I my project was a Irish radio show with Irish music and poets. 

When my fingers were numb and my brian fried I cuddled up with The Lost Queen by Phillipa Gregory about Elizabeth Woodville. She is quite an interesting historical character. 

It is great to be learning more about English royal history besides the Tudors, which has been my main focus. It has definitely helped me understand all the factions and fighting for the throne. Historical fiction is such a great genre. Puts characters and timelines in perspective and gives the figures a real tangible quality. 

With that book finished I am now going to read The Thistle and the Rose about Margaret Tudor by Jean Plaidy. Yes, back to the Tudors. Just can’t seem to get enough!  

Tonight hopefully my writer’s block will break and I can finish writing a scene where Finn discovers his golden necklace has magical powers. 



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