Audio Books and Podcasting

It’s a rainy and grey day in the Pacific Northwest today, imagine that right! After weeks of sunshine and warm weather it is a relief. I’m sure my blueberries, strawberries, parsley and yard and in general will be happy. Today I have lines from a song in Bambi “drip, drip, drop, little april showers…” going through my head.

I’ve spent most of the morning updating Aine‘s blog with a portion of the prologue (podcast it will be in its entirety) and Finn’s blogs. This lovely three-day weekend I’m going to give podcasting a go. Wish me luck. If anyone has any suggestions on podcasting sites that you think are good to use for hosting drop me a line.

The rest of the day I will be writing about Finn. He is just learning that something in his possession has magical powers…so another piece of the puzzle is falling into place. Then tonight its Pillars of the Earth miniseries!


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