Spring Has Arrived in Anacortes


Tulip buds are shooting up from the ground and the flowering trees are turning pink, which means spring has arrived in Anacortes. There is no better way to celebrate spring in all its fabulous forms than at “Arts in Bloom, An Evening of Color” by the Anacortes Arts Festival where artists, restaurateurs, theater performers, ballet dances and an opera singer usher in spring in their colorful own way.

2014 Waggoner Cruising Guide #alaska #sanjuanislands #boaters


It’s a new year, which also means the 2014 edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide is out. We’ve been told this is our best edition to date. This year we are also offering the 2014 Waggoner Cruising Guide as a free PDF download. Last year we added Waggoner eNews which updates cruisers with the latest cruising information and interesting destinations. For the first time we are planning three Flotilla to Alaska trips this summer (there are a few spots left!).  

June of 2013 I was out on the water for 18 days traveling from Anacortes, Washington, up the Inside Passage, to Ketchikan, Alaska. Along the way I got to see many of the places in the book and stop at unique marinas and seaside towns. In short, there are now places on my “go back to” list. One the the memories that always pops up in my mind is cruising through calm waters with nothing but sky above and green mountains on either side.



Twin Peaks Revival? #davidlynch #northbend

Twin Peaks Revival?

All I can say is please let this come true! In high school I was a Twin Peaks junkie. I was so into it, I cut my Friday nights short just to come home and become enmeshed in its dark world and characters who aren’t always quite what they seem.

After hearing that David Lynch is thinking about reviving the series on TV a month ago (he’s said this several times),  I thought I’d watch it all over again and see if I felt the same. I do. I admit, it’s a little cornier than I remember, but the characters are fun and quirky and all the layers of secrets and darkness keep it bordering with just enough disturbing ideas that you want to know more. Not sure if Agent Cooper would make it now as a FBI agent, he seems molded form a different cloth, a different time.

After I’m done watching the series I plan to drive up to North Bend, Wa and have lunch at the RR Dinner, which is Twede’s Cafe, and get a slice of pie!

Yodeling, Beer, Bratz & Accordians #octoberfest #german


Achtung! It’s that time of year again where the smell of bratz and the aroma of beer float through the air. Yes, that’s right,  “Get Your Yodel On At Bier on the Pier” Oktoberfest in Anacortes.

This event is the largest gathering of brewers in the state of Washington with 30 breweries pouring their finest. Don’t forget to wear your dirndls and lederhosen and for the costume contest and show off your mad alpine yodeling skills. Ozapft is!

The End of Dexter, or Not?

(Be aware this is a spoiler)

The end has come, or has it? I’ve been in love with the Dexter series from day one. He’s such a great tormented character. I was so rooting for Dexter and Hannah to have this grand life together, but I knew that was a long shot. Can two killers really quit killing? What happens if you get in an argument and your killer instincts kick in? How could they hide from themselves forever?

As soon as Hannah left with Harrison and Deb died I knew things were not going to end happily, but I didn’t expect him to put Deb’s body in the ocean (He thought Deb was good and he put bad people in the ocean, so why put her there with them?) and kill himself. I was happily surprised to see that Dexter shows up in my neck of the woods and doesn’t he look beyond miserable. No happiness, no love, no family, very scraggly beard. Ah, the choices we make, or don’t make. For me, this ending felt true to his character and gave me enough room for me to create what happens next. If he ever meets up with Hannah again, I have a feeling she is going to be pissed.

Signature Dishes of Anacortes #foodreviews

View of the downtown and marina of Anacortes, ...

View of the downtown and marina of Anacortes, from the east (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anacortes has so many great restaurants is often hard to choose where to go and what to eat. My latest article “Taste Bud Tour of Anacortes” lists the signature dishes of 15 restaurants to help diners figure out where to go.

Next on my list, Roasted Butternut Squash Hash from Calico Cupboard.

Vikingsholm Castle Lake Tahoe


Vikingsholm Castle Lake Tahoe

Vikingsholm Castle

The day started out with the sun blazing across the sky. At over 6,000 feet in elevation, it felt like it penetrated layers of our skin we didn’t even know we had. Lathered up in sun screen we piled into the car and took highway 89  through pine scented forests with campsites, bikers and crazy windy roads. Our destination Vikingsholm Castle.

To get to Vikingsholm we  walked down a steep one-mile unpaved road to the forest and beach below.Vikingsholm Castle is nestled at the head of chilly Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. Mrs. Knight purchased the property in 1928 and wanted to build a home that suited the area. Emerald Bay reminded her of Scandinavian fjords and with the help of her nephew, and many trips to Scandinavia, they came up with a design plan. The house was completed in 1929 and became one of the first summer homes in Lake Tahoe.

The home itself is quite grand, but on a small scale. The entire structure is shaped much like a diamond ring. On the band is a  circular courtyard with a pull through driveway, staff quarters, kitchens, garage and woodshed. Where the diamond would set on the band, is the  main house with breathtaking views of Emerald Bay. The house and woodwork is quite amazing. Rooms are decorated with Scandinavian motifs and bedrooms speak a different era. It made me wish for an American Downton Abbey in Vinkingsholm.

The related article below has wonderful pictures of Vikingsholm. No flashes were allowed and the day we were there a thunderstorm had moved in so my inside pictures were a little dim.Thankfully, on our trek back up the path we had some rain showers to cool us down.

A Fine Rejection #submitting #amwriting

The Rejection Remixes

The Rejection Remixes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Fine Rejection

This summer I’ve been submitting my nonfiction pieces that I wrote last semester in class. I’ve been wondering for several weeks now where I am at in their cue and what sort of response I’ll get, or not get. The first one arrived the other day and rejected my piece, but I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized reply.

“We appreciate your submission, but after reading it we have decided not to use it. However, we want you to know that we enjoyed your work and found it promising. Please feel encouraged by this email and take it as my personal invitation to submit your work to us again.”

Now, to polish up my next piece to send to them!